OOTD: Green Hawaiian Shirt & Bumper Bangs

bumper bangs 02

Hawaiian and Polynesian inspired prints became very popular during the mid century in the United States. Men and women both indulged in the trend and it has come back in style almost every decade since. This summer Hawaiian shirts were super on trend and I really enjoyed observing how different people styled them.

I have been wearing Hawaiian Shirts a lot in the past three years or so and all of them were found at thrift stores for under $8.00 each.  I normally wear them with high waisted jeans, shorts or with a mono-color dress in place of a shawl or light cardigan. In these photos I am wearing my favorite green Hawaiian shirt. I have some other green ones but this one is my favorite. Green is one of my favorite colors and can be matched with almost anything and the simple white flower print on this one makes it VERY versatile. If you are in to sustainable fashion like I am then you know that VERSATILITY IS QUEEN.  I styled my hair using the  bumper bang technique because I wanted to give the look a feminine 1940’s/1950’s vibe. That’s why I also added the flower and accessorized with cat eye sunglasses and wing tips.

bumper bangs (1).jpg

03 bumper bangs


pin up hair vintage bumper bangs


bumper bangs 1.jpg

Green Hawaiian Shirt: Goodwill

High Waisted Jeans: Goodwill

Hair Flower: Can’t Remember

Cat eye Sunglasses: Goodwill

Wingtip Vans: Goodwill

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OOTD: Casual 1950s Style

vintage style pin up style

My friend took these photographs of me after we hiked up to the Battery Spencer overlook on the north side of The Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks back. If you are ever in the Bay Area and want to experience this view of the bridge this is definitely the best place to do it from.

how to dress 1950s everyday (1)

I found this KREW Letterman’s jacket at a Goodwill last December. It has an inside pocket with a snap closure. Love inside pockets!!!

I believe I bought this long sleeved black Lacoste polo the same day and at the same Goodwill as the KREW jacket.

These jeans are also from the Goodwill. I won’t disclose the brand because recently they did something SUPER unethical and I don’t want to give them any advertising. I found them after a long day of looking for a perfectly broken in pair of high-waisted jeans to skate in. Mission accomplished!

saddle shoes diy.jpg

These vans are also from the thrift. They were originally covered in a very lovely gray floral pattern but I painted over parts of the pattern to create a modern take on saddle shoes.  Here are some photos I took of them on different days. (Cherry socks were a Christmas gift from the same friend that took the outfit photos. She’s rad) The DVD I am holding up in the 2nd photo is an all girls skateboarding movie produced, filmed and directed by Yuri Murai a very talented young woman from Japan. It’s called Joy and Sorrow 3. I’ll link a photo diary of the San Francisco premiere of the film I went to last year at the end of the post.

joy and sorrow 3 all girl japanese skate film.jpg

DIY Saddle Shoes

This last photo was taken somewhere on/near Jack Kerouac street.

pin up girl style.jpg

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Photo diary of the San Francisco premiere of all girls skateboarding film Joy and Sorrow 3 by clicking here.

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10 Of Gwen Stefani’s Most Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Looks

gwen stefani the aviator

Photo via GK Films

One of the coolest  things about Gwen Stefani’s fashion sense is how she mixes and matches different styles and eras so effortlessly. This list compiles some of my favorite vintage/pin up old Hollywood looks Gwen has worn over the years. I write some because there are so many I was head over heels for that I will be publishing a second post with even more of Gwen’s dope vintage looks.


Let’s start with this red polka dot dress in the music video for “Cool”, it  is so sweet and nostalgic. I love that in the flashback scenes her hair is brown and styled very naturally, total contrast from Gwen’s usually ultra coiffed platinum locks. The silhouette is modern but you can tell it has strong 1940s influences.gwen stefani cool red polka dot 1

gwen stefani cool red polka dot 1

gwen stefani cool red polka dot

Here is another music video look. This one is from “No Doubt’s cover of English New Wave band Talk Talk’s “It’s my Life”.  That hair, make up and gliterry bangles and cuff really sell it. You could put any black and white filter on these images, the whole video really, and you’ll think you are watching an old film noir or 1940s detective flick.

get gwen stefanis style

how to dress like gwen stefanimoda gwen stefani

I remember how excited I was when I first saw the issue of Vogue that featured this photograph. I think it was the first time I had ever seen Gwen in vintage style swimwear. (I think I found the magazine at a  dental office lol) The swimsuit is a classic mid-century style. One of my absolute favorite styles of vintage swimwear. Quite a few designers/brands, especially those from the rockabilly/mid-century enthusiast scene have created gorgeous reproductions in modern and vintage fabrics.

gwen stefani style

Photo via Vogue

I have a very similar one myself. (See below) Like Gwen’s,  the one I got from a Pinup Girl clothing yard sale is sort of a swimsuit/playsuit hybrid with shorts underneath and rushing all over. The Pinup Girl Clothing version however doesn’t have those swoon worthy flaps at the bust like Gwen’s and does not feature a halter top.

elkee sandoval 1

These capris have so many cute details. Slash pockets, black contract piping/ embellishments and a delicate gingham print. The make up is gorgeous too. That nude lipstick hue and defined crease in her eye-shadow are to die for. I think this outfit was for a photo shoot promoting Gwen’s 3rd solo album “This is what the truth feels like”. In the second photo Gwen looks like she’s working on some poetry to read at a Beatnick café

gwen stefani pedal pushers

gwen stefani moda

1 gwen stefani

This is another Beatnick type look. This one is from Gwen’s “The Sweet Escape” music video. In the video she is locked in a gilded cell until she escapes thanks to an adorable doggie that provides her with the key. The striped top could belong in any era but combined with the bumper bang hair-do she looks very fifties. The striped pants are classic rock and roll. I have seen different variation of  them on female & male rockers from the 60s to the 90s, also on some reggae musicians as well which makes sense as No Doubt has been influenced by reggae since way back when.

gwen-stefani style

how to bumper bang

These  photos were taken in 1996 at a yearly music festival type event known as “The Weenie Roast” sponsored by Los Angeles radio station KROQ. The print of this dress is so soft and feminine and the silhouette is very 1940s. It reminds me a bit of the red polka dot dress from the “Cool” music video but much more authentic to the era. The Bettie Bangs are the icing on the cake.

shirley manson gwen stefani

90s gwen stefani

no doubt 90s

Here is another brunette look from the “Cool” music video. This vintage swimsuit is more demure than the one from the Vogue photo shoot. The scene she wears it in is sweet and playful, a perfect platform to show off this adorable retro-licious garment.

gwen stefani cool lak cuomo no doubt

I have never seen a full head to toe version of this next look (or even head to waist!) but I am still sooo in love with it. I loooove nautical styles and this blouse looks gorgeous even though I can’t see it all! Gwen has said for decades that she has been heavily inspired by Jean Harlow and when I was researching photos of this post I found a portrait of Jean Harlow in a similar blouse.

gwen stefani nautical blouse


jean harlow nautical

Speaking of Jean Harlow, here is another look from the “It’s My Life” music video. Gwen is super seductive and convincingly vampy in this sumptuous burgundy (oxblood? brown?) gown.


el estilo de gwen stefani

estilo de gwen stefani

The last look is also Jean Harlow influenced, so much so that the photos are film stills from a movie in which Gwen plays Jean Harlow at a movie premiere. The movie is the “Aviator” staring Leonardo DiCaprio.

gwen stefani as jean harlow the aviator

gwen stefani aviator   gwen stefani jean harlow

I found a quote in Vogue a while ago where she discusses the make-up that they did on set for her. I really loved it so I wanted to share.


“I would have done it a little differently,” she says. “I’m always in control of my hair and makeup. I was like, ‘Are you sure you want the lips to be that thin? Jean Harlow’s were bigger than that. It’s not like I didn’t read two biographies and watch eighteen of her movies before I got here.’ But what are you going to do? They were in control. I couldn’t say anything. It was hard.”



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