Vegan Restaurant Review: Bodhi Bowl

bodhi bowl vegan restaurant

I much prefer cooking for myself than going out to eat in a restaurant or ordering in.  I know exactly how I liked my food prepared and I also like knowing HOW it was prepared. Sustainability in food preparation is something I have been trying to master this year so it helps me quite a bit to prepare my own meals so I can be consistent and improve upon this new (new to me) more conscious way of consuming food.

A month or so ago a friend and I had the chance to go to a new vegan restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that gave me the option to let me see exactly how my food is prepared (for the most part) and customize every ingredient. The place is called the Bodhi Bowl and it has the feel of a very healthy subway but with bowls instead of subs and excellent customer service.

I chose the build your own (Base plus six toppings) option from the menu. It is a fair price at $7.95 considering the base/toppings/sauce options are very dense in nutrition and not lacking at all in flavor. (I highly recommend the curried garbanzo beans, YUM!) Check out the build your own options below:

review bodhi bowl vegan retaurant

los angeles vegan restaurant 01

01 vegan restaurant in los angeles

Bodhi Bowl‘s menu also offers breakfast options and endless combinations of bowls  and other menu items with names derived from ideas and people from the Buddhist and Zen schools of thought.  These are some of the names that caught my eye, Samsara, Om, Dharma, Bankei  Sangha and Mandala. I love when restaurants are creative with every aspect of their image! Since this blog has been focusing more on sustainability lately and has always been a proponent of spreading good karma I wanted to point out that Bodhi Bowl  is not only 100% vegan and is owned by vegans, they also donate their extra food to local food banks.

vegan restaurants in los angeles bodhi bowl

Normally restaurants have a difficult time trying to donate extra food (which they tend to have consistently due to government regulations on certain foods that by law are not allowed to serve next day. Food shelters are often short staffed so it is difficult for them to pick up extra food. Restaurants also face staffing issues and other barriers that impede the food donation process.

Earlier this year, Chef Alison Cruddas, the entrepreneur responsible for Bodhi Bowl teamed up with meal delivery app, Door Dash to pilot a their new program called Project DASH. This program, allows restaurant employees  to upload a photo of their extra food to an app called Meal Connect (it was developed for he charity Feeding America). Meal Connect finds a nearby nonprofit or food bank in need and Door Dash’s algorithm finds the most efficient way to deliver it. As of this month, Door Dash is set to deliver 6 million lbs of food by the end of 2018. Now that’s good karma! Kudos to Bodhi Bowl for being a part of this benevolent effort.

Bodhi Bowl‘s commitment to creating delicious cruelty free meals, sustainability  and altruism are more than enough reasons to try them out or recommend to friends that live in or will be visiting the Los Angeles area. The food will not disappoint and the customer service was outstanding. They also cater!

Bodhi Bowl Address (Closed May 26-28 for Eat, Drink Vegan Festival.)

645 W 9th St #107

Entrance on Hope st at 9th.,

Los Angeles, CA 90015


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Sustainable Fashion: Faux Fur Vest & Vegan Leather Thigh Highs

faux fur vest

I believe in my heart that sustainable fashion is the way of the future. More and more each day I come across people (either in person or on social media) that are more aware about the carbon footprint they are leaving. Another thing to consider is that the current way in which fashion is currently sourced manufactured, transported and sold is failing. Natural resources that are crucial for the global transportation of textiles continue to be depleted and the Eco-systems that are needed to grow other raw materials crucial to the fashion industry like cotton for example are being destroyed. What about fresh water? Due to fracking, pollution from textile manufacturing and countless other environmental horrors, fresh water is becoming a scarce commodity. Water is absolutely crucial in the manufacturing of textiles. Speaking of water, rising sea levels threaten to one day displace millions of garment workers living in China, India.

Many people in the fashion/textile industry are waking up due to this doomsday scenario because money talks and they want to stay in business (I’m assuming). Millennials are set to become the largest group in the workforce in the near future and many of them currently site sustainability as an important factor in determining purchases. These two realities are helping to create a framework for a future of sustainable fashion and a kinder way to consume all goods not just fashion.

So, how does a person that loves fashion but wants to protect Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants while indulging their sartorial passion? I am currently still seeking an answer. So far I have found that buying second hand clothes/goods is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.  The paisley dress, faux fur vest and vegan leather thigh high boots in these photos are all from thrift stores.

Not all people however are fans of thrift stores and second hand goods. Thankfully, the number of businesses that use fabrics made from recycled material and use other sustainable practices is growing. Click here to read more about some of these businesses. 

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Vegan Leather Thigh High Boots


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vegan leather thigh high boots

VEGAN MARIJUANA EDIBLES REVIEW: Featuring Keef Cola Cannabis Drink

cannabis infused drink

This cannabis infused drink is one of the best marijuana edibles I have ever tried. If you suffer from chronic physical pain, anxiety, depression and especially insomnia, I feel from personal experience that it helps a great deal to greatly relieve these ailments.  I’ve been using it for years and even hold it in higher regard than I do Korova brand edibles and they are one of the best out here.

Keef Cola is based out if Colorado and  is available at multiple dispensaries in California, Colorado and Arizona. Unlike many other cannabis infused edibles Keef Cola is gluten free AND vegan. They make mostly sodas but also offer cannabis infused sparkling water, vape/THC pens and some other interesting products. I have tried almost all of the soda flavors, but will only review 2 here: the Orange Kush Soda and Bubba Kush Root Beer.

Both of these sodas contain 100 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis each. If you are experienced with non-liquid edibles I just want to give you a fair warning; a 100 mg dose of cannabis in liquid form is not only twice as strong (even more than that is some instances) but it will also hit you very fast compared to non-liquid edibles. I have started feeling the effects after ingesting less than half the bottle in as quickly as 20 minutes.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 at 6.39.10 PM

As far as taste is concerned the Bubba Kush Root Beer is a bit more palatable than the Orange Kush Soda. Both taste very strongly of cannabis so I suggest you mix it with something similarly flavored if you do not want to gag at how pungent they can be for those not so experience with any type of cannabis infused edibles. I normally will mix the Bubba Kush Root Beer with Dr Pepper or cherry flavored soda and the Orange Kush Soda with flavored sparkling water. I use a ratio of 1:1. If you are new with ANY type of edibles I suggest a 1/3 of the bottle as your dose (with your mixer of choice if any) and drink it quickly to feel the results. If you use edibles regularly I suggest 1/2 the bottle. If you have an extremely high tolerance for cannabis in general, drink the whole bottle. If you do drink the whole bottle make sure not to finish it too quickly, try to drink it over the span of 30 minutes, otherwise you will quickly fall in to a deep sleep. (If want to use Keef Cola to treat insomnia please disregard those last two sentences.)

If you are not interested in cannabis infused edibles for the medicinal effect but rather are looking to use them for recreational purposes than this is also a great choice for you due to its potency. However, because of the potency of this product I do not recommend using it with any other mind/mood altering substances ESPECIALLY alcohol or prescription medications. The chance you might black out/become immobilized will greatly increase if you do so. (Just trust me on this one.)

The last review posted to this blog on a vegan thc infused edible product was on Twin Buddha Medicated Peanut Butter. I published a four point list that helped me determine if that product was worth the time and money. I am reposting the list below and underneath that a list on how Keef Cola stacks up against it.

Possessing all 4 attributes on the list makes a vegan cannabis edible “KARMIC VINTAGE APPROVED”


  1. Ingredients: The label cannot just say “vegan” or “super potent”, “high potency” what have you. I want to see an ingredients list and milligram count thankyouverymuch.

  2. High activated THC milligram count. 300+ milligrams (per product unit not dosage) is generally what I look out for. (For edibles in liquid form it is best to go with 50+ Milligrams.

  3. Price: Medicine should be affordable, same with food.

  4. Duration of “effect”. If the high does not last more than 3 hours….it’s not for me.


Here is how Keef Cola stacks up against my requirements:

  1.  (ORANGE KUSH SODA) Purified water,sugar,natural flavor,gum acacia, glycerol ester, vegetable oil, yellow 6, citric acid, red 40, sodium benzoate,vitamin e, bha, cannabis extract, sucrose acetate isobutyrate -Hybrid contains Co2 extracted cannabis I did not include the ingredients for the Bubba Kush Root Beer because they are very similar. 
  2. 1100 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis (KARMIC VINTAGE APPROVED)
  3. $11-$15 dollars a bottle. (KARMIC VINTAGE APPROVED)
  4. Duration: Effects can be felt as quickly as 15 minutes and for more than 8-11 hours in some instances.

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Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

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