OOTD: Green Hawaiian Shirt & Bumper Bangs

bumper bangs 02

Hawaiian and Polynesian inspired prints became very popular during the mid century in the United States. Men and women both indulged in the trend and it has come back in style almost every decade since. This summer Hawaiian shirts were super on trend and I really enjoyed observing how different people styled them.

I have been wearing Hawaiian Shirts a lot in the past three years or so and all of them were found at thrift stores for under $8.00 each.  I normally wear them with high waisted jeans, shorts or with a mono-color dress in place of a shawl or light cardigan. In these photos I am wearing my favorite green Hawaiian shirt. I have some other green ones but this one is my favorite. Green is one of my favorite colors and can be matched with almost anything and the simple white flower print on this one makes it VERY versatile. If you are in to sustainable fashion like I am then you know that VERSATILITY IS QUEEN.  I styled my hair using the  bumper bang technique because I wanted to give the look a feminine 1940’s/1950’s vibe. That’s why I also added the flower and accessorized with cat eye sunglasses and wing tips.

bumper bangs (1).jpg

03 bumper bangs


pin up hair vintage bumper bangs


bumper bangs 1.jpg

Green Hawaiian Shirt: Goodwill

High Waisted Jeans: Goodwill

Hair Flower: Can’t Remember

Cat eye Sunglasses: Goodwill

Wingtip Vans: Goodwill

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weed friendly 420 friendly events in los angeles


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing Savannah Rivera. She is the founder of Cannabis Art Flow, a FREE (yes, free!!) 420 friendly event in Pico Rivera, California which is located about 11 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Cannabis Art Flow is a mini-festival that showcases various vendors from the weed industry, health and wellness industry, vegan food vendors, second hand clothes vendors, musicians, henna tattoo artists and more. Savannah is a Yoga teacher and will be teaching a free class at the event. Savannah also hosts a Puff N’Paint class (sort of like a wine and paint class but with Cannabis instead of alcohol) and is one half of the entrepreneurial duo known on Instagram as @theoilymamass. Savannah and her best friend, Adriana Torrez sell Doterra brand essential oils and teach classes on their benefits. They offer the classes at a physical location and also do Facetime consultations for those who are not able to or prefer not to leave the comfort of their own homes.

cannabis culture california


How long have you been practicing Yoga?

6-7 years

What type of Yoga do you practice?

Hatha Yoga. I teach other styles but I always go back to Hatha. My teacher that certified me practices it. I’ts about deep stretching, honoring the pose and your body. 

What are the most common questions or issues  that students approach you with?

“I’m not flexible enough.”  “I’m too tight.”  “I cant touch the floor.” I was unable to to do certain things when I first started but I just kept doing it. You don’t need to do things perfectly, because Yoga practice is about honoring your body and listening to your limits. 

women in weed 4


At what age can people start learning Yoga?

I have a four-year-old niece and she does certain poses and headstands. Both her parents practice Yoga, mostly when they are around me. I wish I started way younger. I think it is  important for people at a young age because Yoga is more than just stretching. It helps you mentally, emotionally, all over….mind, body, and soul.

When did you discover the power of essential oils?

I started dabbling in them because of Yoga. My teacher had all of the oils. I never knew they had benefits, I just thought they smelled good. 

My best friend got in to Doterra because she just had a child and she wanted to use non toxic products on her child so we started the Doterra business together. Her daughter loves the oils.

420 events los angeles


What is Doterra? 

They are the top oil company in the world. They have essential oil, essential oil products. Instead of sleeping pills you can take oil in capsule form. They do third party testing to ensure quality and their products aid in weight loss, depression and anxiety. 

cannabis culture 420 friendly events in los angeles


Which oil can you not live without?

Wild Orange Peppermint and Deep Blue. Deep blue is a mix of Peppermint and Wintergreen.

Why does Doterra  sell blended oils in addition to just the single essential oils?

I mixed Orange Lemon and Eucalyptus to get multiple benefits in one. Blending gives you more benefits.

Are all types of marijuana consumption allowed at Cannabis Art Flow?

At the last one people dabbed. They were discreet and respectful. All types of consumption is allowed. We have Cannabis vendors that sell flowers and edibles and other (THC infused)  products like scrubs & more skin care products like bath bombs. 

420 friendly events in los angeles weed


How long have you been consuming cannabis?

Since I was 16

How has cannabis enhanced your life?

I have chronic pain and smoking marijuana relaxes me, especially when it is at a 10 and I don’t want to take a Valium. It has helped me manage my pain as well as yoga and also helps with my mood. I battle from time to time with depression. Cannabis opens my eyes to situations that I handled one way and then realized they could have been handled differently.

cannabis art flow free 420 friendly event.png

Weed friendly festivals like Cannabis Art Flow can be a very profitable for vendors, but even more so for the parties hosting them. I very much admire that you are allowing people access to the event at no charge when so many people wold just look a it with dollar signs in their eyes. Why did you choose to make it free?

The first Cannabis Art Flows I hosted I did charge people and I felt it was not fair. I thought about it….probably when I was smoking and thought if I was spending money to buy a ticket to get in, to buy food and other things I would want it to be free. I think it helps my vendors and more people come if it is free. I always see events I want to go to but the price makes me think they are not for me.

Would you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes I would.

What would you say to a young woman that said she was not a feminist because she personally has not seen or experienced misogyny?

Even though they may feel they may not have  experienced the Patriarchy those things (misogyny) do happen and the victims need a voice. Women need to unite together and let our voices be heard.  

Who is your favorite female singer?

Janis Joplin. When I was little I had a very raspy voice and my mom would always tell me I had the voice of this female rock star. I grew up listening to her and probably thought I was her at some point. 


And Lauren Hill because I love what she says and how she says it. She has got a good flow.

lauryn hill


What is your favorite genre of music?

I go back and forth with so many. I love classic rock and roll, The Rolling Stones, The Doors are some of my favorites. Sometimes r&b and hip hop, jazz, funk, I am very much influenced by my parents.



Do you have a favorite painter?

When I was in elementary one of our classes was art and I studied Edgar Dega. He draws a lot of ballerinas now a lot of my friends are great painters i have a ton of friends that are artists and some of them will be leading the puff and paint class.

Ballerina Edgar Degas San Diego Museum of Art


Spend a day with anyone doing all of your favorite things?

Andrew Sealy, he is positive and uplifting and I feel that he could help my practice grow. Like my grandfather who passed 10 years ago. I think I would have a lot in common with him (my grandfather) he was really spiritual, had the ying and yang necklace. He practiced a little yoga bu mostly Tai Chi. Almost all of my cousins and I have yin and yang tattoos.


women in weed 2


If you could hot box with anyone, living or dead who would it be?

Bob Marley definitely popped up in my head.

Snoop dog.

Final thoughts?


People have called me a yogi master but I feel that I am not that. There are some poses I cannot do and I am ok with that. I love learning and getting deeply in to who I really am and shedding different layers. I have a new student that is blind, he knew what he was doing. It challenged me as a yoga teacher because I always rely on people looking at me and I had to give more detailed instructions. It was so cool that his disability did not stop him he had a really good practice.

women in weed



Thank you everyone for stopping by the blog and special thanks to Savannah for welcoming me in to her home and allowing me to conduct this interview.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 15th! This is the date of the next Cannabis Art Flow. Not in to Cannabis? No problem! Come to check out some beautiful spiritual music, learn more about essential oils, yoga, shop sustainable fashion or just enjoy some delicious vegan food.

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Cannabis Culture: 420 Friendly Events in Los Angeles

Cannabis Events Los Angeles

Savannah: Yogi and creator of Cannabis Art Flow

This week I have been doing some online research on cannabis related  or “420” friendly events in Los Angeles and I came across a few that I thought were worth sharing. It is also interesting to note that the three major events mentioned here are all led by women.



Puff & Paint Class (Presented by Cannabis Art Flow) 8/31/2018

Of all of the events I researched, Cannabis Art Flow is the one I found most intriguing. In addition to putting together a FREE  mini festival every few months that showcases vegan food vendors, artists, musicians, sustainable fashion, jewelry, a yoga class, tarot card readers and more, they also recently organized a beach clean up and even have a puff and paint class they are offering where entrance fee also covers supplies and a free edible.

Two of the most notable vendors that participated in the last Cannabis Art Flow showcase are Xochitl Vegan  and High ‘N Ti Artisanal Pipes.

Xochitl Vegan is known for making mouth watering vegan mexican cuisine whose flavors are inspired by their *Nahuatl roots. The hibiscus flower has been used for centuries for its delicious flavor and medicinal properties by  Nahuatl people and their descendants. The culinary geniuses from Xochitl Vegan use hibiscus flowers as “meat”, a unique alternative to the traditional meat substitutes of jack-fruit and tofu.  Xochitl Vegan does not serve their food at a restaurant, instead they do pop ups all around Southern California so make sure to follow them on Instagram to see where they will be traveling to next.

authentic vegan mexican food

Hibiscus flower “meat” and  nopales being grilled to perfection at a recent Xochitl Vegan pop up. 

High ‘N Ti is a family owned business that designs and produces high quality pipes and other smoking products made out of titanium. Personally, I feel that this method for smoking marijuana is a great sustainable alternative to glass pipes, bongs, blunts and other wraps. Titanium is virtually unbreakable so your carbon footprint will be reduced as you will not have to constantly replace smoking paraphernalia and your pocket book will catch a break in the process.

cannabis culture titanium weed pipe

Photo courtesy of High ‘N Ti Instagam. 

If you are have art, jewelry, food or tarot readings to sell, Cannabis Art Flow is looking for vendors and you can apply to be one  by clicking here.


cannabis culture 420 friendly events.jpg

Another lovely photo of Savannah, creator of Cannabis Art Flow. Here she is shown enjoying the healing and spiritual benefits of cannabis and yoga. Just looking at this photo makes you feel more relaxed.

If you are unable to make it out to the puff paint pass class that Cannabis Art Flow is hosting and don’t want to wait for the next one they are having click here for a directory to Paint, Puff, Pass classes put on by other organizations throughout California and similar classes in other 420 friendly states. Click here for a calendar for Los Angeles only.

MARIJUANA MADNESS: The True Story of Marijuana Prohibition in the Jazz Era  8/22/2018

Cannabis Culture burlesque 420 Friendly Event

Burlesque, weed and education all under one roof? That is the type of awesomeness Marijuana Madness has to offer.  Miss Marquez, (pictured above) the artistic director of the show, and company will tell the story of how marijuana usage became criminalized in The United States through the timeless and titillating art form that is burlesque. Get your tickets by clicking here. To attend this event you must be a member of Grassfed LA. Details in link. Marijuana consumption is allowed at a designated time and areas for guests over 21 years old.

Breath Work Cannabis Tea Ceremony EVERY THURSDAY

420 friendly events los angeles california 2018

BOL Meditation seeks to create a safe space for you to reconnect with your true self through mediation and the consumption of Cannabis. Like the other events mentioned  in this post this one is also led by a woman, Manuela Schoepfer. The group meets in a secret space decorated with a vintage feel that has a view of the sky. The price is $23.00 and  you can inquire about it and some of their other events by clicking here.

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Here are the links to the Instagram accounts & websites of the organizations/businesses and people mentioned in this post.

Cannabis Art Flow 

Savannah Yogi

Xochitl Vegan

High ‘N Ti Artisanal Pipes

Miss Marquez on Instagram

Miss Marquez’s website

BOL Meditation

Manuela Schoepfer


*Nahuatl: Peoples native to Mexico and Central America. It can also refer to the Pre- Colombian native language (s) of the Nahuatl people.