SUSTAINABLE FASHION: My Favorite Leopard Print Coat and Capsule Wardrobes

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I have owned a handful of leopard print coats and jackets over the years but this one is my favorite. First of all it was deeply discounted at the thrift store, it is second hand which is much easier on the environment than buying new clothes, it’s double breasted, it’s lightweight for crisp but not super cold days and loose fitting almost like a duster coat so you can easily and comfortably layer sweaters or other jackets underneath during colder days without making your silhouette look sloppy.


Incorporating versatile pieces in to my wardrobe is a common theme on this blog because in my mind versatility represents an important component of sustainable fashion that is often overlooked.  This jacket is not only versatile in the sense that it can be worn in different types of weather but it can be dressed up or down easily. It’s loose structure effortlessly pulls together any casual outfit and the leopard print compliments a dress in any color for dressier settings.

sustainable fashion capsule wardrobes

sustainable fashion my favorite leopard print coat

Thankfully not all devotees of sustainable fashion overlook the importance of versatility and the number of brands that are beginning to making it an indispensable element of the design process has been steadily growing over the last 3-5 years.

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The best expression of brands embracing versatility is the capsule wardrobe. Putting together a capsule wardrobe simply means building a wardrobe of timeless staples supplemented by seasonal pieces that if designed well and taken care of properly may be potentiality worn for decades. Minimalists are huge proponents of the capsule wardrobe and because the minimalist lifestyle is based on consuming less, which consequently results in less waste, minimalist principles are a must for anyone looking to lessen the amount of waste their passion for fashion (or anything else for that matter) creates.

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These photos were taken different days, the one of me skateboarding was taken in San Francisco few years back and the rest of them were taken last month in Southern California. All of the clothes and accessories I’m wearing in them are second hand except for the skate shoes and pearl necklace which were gifts.

At the end of the post I linked a couple of sustainable brands that have created beautiful capsule collections recently. If you prefer to buy mostly second hand (and save a substantial amount of your hard earned dough) I linked to a YouTube video that has some very practical tips by Alli Cherry on how she built and maintains her own capsule wardrobe and some of her thoughts on fast fashion and shopping second hand.

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Brands that offer sustainable capsule collections:




Alli Cherry’s You Tube video on Capsule Wardrobes and Thrifting