Vegan Recipe: Potato and Baby Spinach Stir-fry

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Stir-fry dishes are my favorite types of recipes because they can be prepared and cooked rather quickly. Last Friday I created this recipe from leftovers in the fridge. This recipe serves one, if you are not dining alone (Like I normally am, not complaining just explaining.) then double the ingredients and coking times to serve two, triple to serve three and so on and so forth.




5 Fingerling Potatoes (I used some that were already roasted but raw ones will work just as well.)

2 C Unchopped Baby Spinach

1 T crushed garlic

1 C Red Peppers

1/4 C Black beans (canned)

1/3 C Parsley

1/2 C Jalapeños (canned)

1/2 C Hummus

1/3 C Slivered Almonds (pre-slivered)

1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 C Water

vegan recipe


vegan recipe 1

Cooking Instructions

Peel and slice the potatoes, slice the red peppers, wash the baby spinach chop the parsley and peel and crush the garlic.

Coat a medium frying pan with Olive Oil. Throw in the potatoes on medium-low heat, add water and cover for three minutes. Uncover and add the red peppers. Stir the contents of the pan on medium low heat for five minutes. Add in the garlic and jalapeños, stir everything again for three minutes. Throw in the baby spinach and black beans, then cover the the pan for thirty seconds. Uncover the pan, stir all contents again for one minute and take the food off of the heat and put it on a plate. Dollop the hummus on top of the stir-fry, then sprinkle the slivered almonds and parsley all over the plate and the recipe is complete!

vegan recipe 6

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Photo Diary: Xicana Punk Rocker Alice Bag’s Oakland Show Part 2

Going to a live music show is an extremely pleasurable experience not only for my ears but also for my eyes as that is normally when I see some of the dopest fashion I have ever encountered. Whenever I am allowed to bring a camera to  a venue I do my best to capture not only the musicians in action but also the many well dressed people in attendance.

The following is Part 2 of a photo diary from trailblazing Xicana punk rocker Alice Bag‘s show which took place in March of this year in the beautiful city of Oakland, California. So many well dressed (and very kind) people were in attendance I couldn’t stop snapping pics all night. Her next performance is in Los Angeles on June 26th (tomorrow) and the one after that is in Seattle on July 7th. Link to buy the tickets to both shows is at the end of this post.

punk rock (1)


1234 go records punk rock.jpg

oakland 1234 go records

elkee sandoval alice bag

Pictured Above: The author with Alice Bag.

elkee sandoval

Pictured Above: The author with Dulcinea Gonzalez lead vocalist and guitarist for bay are punk rock group Midnite Snaxxx.

These next 3 photos are of Jeff Burke from Texan punk band Marked Men. On this particular night he was performing with his new band Lost Balloons.

jeff burke lost balloons.jpg



lost balloons jeff burke


lost balloons

Yusuke Okada lost balloons

Pictured above: Yusuke Osada of Lost Balloons.

punk rock (2)

pubk rock 1

1punk rock.png

punk rock show

DSC_0187 (1)

Pictured above: A beautiful shiny drum kit and it’s awesome owner, Sammy Gutierrez of Midnite Snaxx.

tyler king musician

Pictured above: Musician Tyler King and Alice Bag.

Next three photos: The stunning Anne Marie (aka Cookie Wolf, she is quite the baker more on that later) and her main squeeze.

alice bag punk rock oakland 1

1 punk rock show alice bag

alice bag punk rock oakland 1

bay area punk rock.jpg

punk rocker

california punk rock

punk rock in california.jpg

Next 5 photos: Bay Area musician Tyler King‘s wife Annie. Her hair makeup and outfit were my favorite of the night. Her saddle shoes are to dye for. She styled them with polka dot tights and made them look 10x cuter than they already are and matched perfectly with the polka dot mesh detail on her dress.

san francisco punk


california punk rocker.jpg

punk rock in northern california.jpg

northern california punk rock


Final 2 pictures: Bay area musician, music critic and lucky husband Tyler King. Notice he is also executing the polka dot theme.

tyler king.jpg

musician tyler king

If you would like to watch some of Tyler’s music reviews check them out on You Tube by clicking here.

Get tickets to Alice Bag‘s June 26th show in Los Angeles by clicking here.

Get tickets to Alice Bag‘s July 7th show in Seattle by clicking here.

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OOTD: Casual 1950s Style

vintage style pin up style

My friend took these photographs of me after we hiked up to the Battery Spencer overlook on the north side of The Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks back. If you are ever in the Bay Area and want to experience this view of the bridge this is definitely the best place to do it from.

how to dress 1950s everyday (1)

I found this KREW Letterman’s jacket at a Goodwill last December. It has an inside pocket with a snap closure. Love inside pockets!!!

I believe I bought this long sleeved black Lacoste polo the same day and at the same Goodwill as the KREW jacket.

These jeans are also from the Goodwill. I won’t disclose the brand because recently they did something SUPER unethical and I don’t want to give them any advertising. I found them after a long day of looking for a perfectly broken in pair of high-waisted jeans to skate in. Mission accomplished!

saddle shoes diy.jpg

These vans are also from the thrift. They were originally covered in a very lovely gray floral pattern but I painted over parts of the pattern to create a modern take on saddle shoes.  Here are some photos I took of them on different days. (Cherry socks were a Christmas gift from the same friend that took the outfit photos. She’s rad) The DVD I am holding up in the 2nd photo is an all girls skateboarding movie produced, filmed and directed by Yuri Murai a very talented young woman from Japan. It’s called Joy and Sorrow 3. I’ll link a photo diary of the San Francisco premiere of the film I went to last year at the end of the post.

joy and sorrow 3 all girl japanese skate film.jpg

DIY Saddle Shoes

This last photo was taken somewhere on/near Jack Kerouac street.

pin up girl style.jpg

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Photo diary of the San Francisco premiere of all girls skateboarding film Joy and Sorrow 3 by clicking here.

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