OOTD: 50s Polka Dot Dress

vintage hairstyle 1

I love polka dot dresses. This one has pockets and is very lightweight, perfect for summer in Southern California. I have found many black and white 50s style polka dot dresses at second hand stores over the years and this is the one I wear the most. When temperatures drop I just throw on red cardigan over it and add some thick black tights. I also have a pair of black tights with tiny white polka dots that give it a somewhat different look. Finding clothes that are this versatile helps a lot when you are passionate about sustainability AND fashion.

If you love fashion but are committed to sustainability I highly recommend black and white clothes and accessories, especially shoes because black and white match with EVERYTHING.  I also found the black and white wing tip vans I wear with this dress at a second hand store. I wear them all the time with dressed up looks and more casual outfits in every color and they help me look pulled together when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to overthink and over analyze my outfits. Saddle shoes have this effect as well.

If you are wondering about the bruises and lump on my face in some of the photos, I got them at a skate park in Europe last month. I attempted to skate an obstacle that was way above my ability level and ended up crashing face first in to the concrete. My hip also absorbed some  of the impact which I think is why my cheekbone did not break. It was worth it.



50s polka dot dress 1.jpg


50s polka dot dress

vintage wingtips vans


vans vintage wingtips


vintage hairstyle 2

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Information on Ocean Pollution, Clothing from Recycled Plastic and Recycled Fishing Nets

ocean pollution clothes from recycled plastic recycled fishing nets

Infographic via Visually

Have you ever heard of the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  If not, well it sounds very much like what it is; a gigantic patch of garbage floating in the pacific ocean. It happens to be the most massive accumulation of ocean plastic in the world….floating  between California and Hawaii.

A National Geographic article from March of this year stated that The Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains 79,000 METRIC TONS of plastic! Much of this ocean pollution is made up of micro-plastics. Micro-plastics come from many different sources. One of these being larger plastic debris that erode in to tiny pieces. Another source of micro-plastics are micro-beads. Micro-beads are tiny pieces of polyethylene plastic that are added to facial/body cleansers, toothpaste and other similar beauty and hygiene products. They were first added to these types of products about 50 years ago or so.

Micro-plastics however are not the only culprit in this disgusting man made tragedy. In fact micro-plastics are not even the largest source of plastic found in The Pacific Garbage Patch. That particular dishonor goes to fishing nets and other fishing gear.

A study published in Scientific Reports last March reported that 46% of the 79,000 metric tons of trash are from just the fishing nets alone!!!

ocean pollution.jpg

Photo via Francis Perez

Now that I have dispensed some stomach churning information it is only fair to present some ways in which you and I as consumers can be a part of a solution to this problem.

  1. Reduce your consumption of fish or even better  go vegan completely. I stopped eating fish for many years before I became a vegan. If you feel being vegan is too challenging then reduce one animal product at a time until you are ready to take the plunge.
  2. Buy clothing and accessories from companies that make them from recycled plastic.  (I linked to a couple of them at the end of the post.)
  3. Switch from Tupperware to metal food storage containers and from Ziploc bags to reusable snack and sandwich bags. Carrying a reusable straw around is also very helpful. I started using one earlier this year. (Links to purchase these items will be at the end of the post).
  4. Spread the word about ethical and sustainable companies. KOA clothing, a company that  makes bikinis out of recycled plastic, is currently having a giveaway on Instagram.  By entering the contest you are ot only spreading the word about on social media but you also get a chance to sample the goods yourself at no cost to yourself! The prize is a bikini and a T-Shirt made out of recycled cotton. This is a clear cut case of a win/win scenario. Click here to see their IG post explaining the contest rules.
  5. Lastly, get educated and help educate others. Share this post with others and educate yourself a little more on the subject whether you read a book on sustainable living or read about it online. Knowledge is power. The more you learn the stronger your will to contribute to the solution will be. At least that has been my experience.




sustainable clothing 1

KOA CLOTHING (New items will be added to website soon)


clothing made out of recycled plastic bottles.jpg


clothing made out of recycled plastic



fashion recycled fishing nets sunglasses







5 Piece Straw Set – Black



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Photo Diary: Xicana Punk Rocker Alice Bag’s Oakland Show Part 2

Going to a live music show is an extremely pleasurable experience not only for my ears but also for my eyes as that is normally when I see some of the dopest fashion I have ever encountered. Whenever I am allowed to bring a camera to  a venue I do my best to capture not only the musicians in action but also the many well dressed people in attendance.

The following is Part 2 of a photo diary from trailblazing Xicana punk rocker Alice Bag‘s show which took place in March of this year in the beautiful city of Oakland, California. So many well dressed (and very kind) people were in attendance I couldn’t stop snapping pics all night. Her next performance is in Los Angeles on June 26th (tomorrow) and the one after that is in Seattle on July 7th. Link to buy the tickets to both shows is at the end of this post.

punk rock (1)


1234 go records punk rock.jpg

oakland 1234 go records

elkee sandoval alice bag

Pictured Above: The author with Alice Bag.

elkee sandoval

Pictured Above: The author with Dulcinea Gonzalez lead vocalist and guitarist for bay are punk rock group Midnite Snaxxx.

These next 3 photos are of Jeff Burke from Texan punk band Marked Men. On this particular night he was performing with his new band Lost Balloons.

jeff burke lost balloons.jpg



lost balloons jeff burke


lost balloons

Yusuke Okada lost balloons

Pictured above: Yusuke Osada of Lost Balloons.

punk rock (2)

pubk rock 1

1punk rock.png

punk rock show

DSC_0187 (1)

Pictured above: A beautiful shiny drum kit and it’s awesome owner, Sammy Gutierrez of Midnite Snaxx.

tyler king musician

Pictured above: Musician Tyler King and Alice Bag.

Next three photos: The stunning Anne Marie (aka Cookie Wolf, she is quite the baker more on that later) and her main squeeze.

alice bag punk rock oakland 1

1 punk rock show alice bag

alice bag punk rock oakland 1

bay area punk rock.jpg

punk rocker

california punk rock

punk rock in california.jpg

Next 5 photos: Bay Area musician Tyler King‘s wife Annie. Her hair makeup and outfit were my favorite of the night. Her saddle shoes are to dye for. She styled them with polka dot tights and made them look 10x cuter than they already are and matched perfectly with the polka dot mesh detail on her dress.

san francisco punk


california punk rocker.jpg

punk rock in northern california.jpg

northern california punk rock


Final 2 pictures: Bay area musician, music critic and lucky husband Tyler King. Notice he is also executing the polka dot theme.

tyler king.jpg

musician tyler king

If you would like to watch some of Tyler’s music reviews check them out on You Tube by clicking here.

Get tickets to Alice Bag‘s June 26th show in Los Angeles by clicking here.

Get tickets to Alice Bag‘s July 7th show in Seattle by clicking here.

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