Outfit of the Day: Calvin Klein Watercolor Floral Print Dress

calvin klein floral print watercolor dress 1

I got this gorgeous Calvin Klein Watercolor Floral Print Dress at a thrift store about three years ago. Like much of my wardrobe this colorful item is from the Goodwill. Most dresses at California Goodwills go for $8.00-$10.00. This one was $14.99 and worth every penny. It has a lining, pockets, is exquisitely tailored and made of very strong material that feels almost like denim but I think it may be canvas or muslin.

calvin klein dress watercolor floral print

The shoes are Michael Kors and I have also had them for a few years. They were a Christmas gift from my mom. They match with almost every outfit I own and are surprisingly pretty comfortable for a pair of pointy toe 4 1/2inch heels.

Stud Embellished Patent Leather Pumps


floral calvin klein dress 1

elkee sandoval watercolor floral print calvin klein dress

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