Outfit of the Day: Vegan Leather Skater Skirt

vegan leather skater skirt mini skirt

I love skater skirts because to me they are a type of modern day version of the circle skirt which was very popular during the 1950s one of my favorite decades in fashion history. They are a great way to invoke a classic look while maintaining a modern feel. I bought this one about 3 years ago at May Max, a *fast fashion retailer in the San Fernando Valley. I am a bit surprised at the quality. I have worn it countless times and it still looks brand new. Thankfully I bought two of these! At $8.oo each it was not a bad deal. My surprise is due to the fact that I have bought several other vegan leather garments from “name brands” and they have fallen apart within months.

The mesh tank top is also from May Max and the nude camisole underneath is from The Goodwill. The shoes were bought for me back in 1999 or 2000 by my mother they are **real leather and are from Wild Pair. They are also great quality as they survived a month long trip to Mexico as well as a 3 month trip to Germany back in 2002.

skater skirt vegan leather skater skirt

vegan leather vegan leather skater skirt

*I no longer consume fast fashion or any other fashion that is not used or recycled. My mother is from Honduras and my father is from Mexico. I have always been disgusted by the existence of sweatshops and “maquiladoras” that exploit my people but didn’t really know what to do about it. I’m still not sure on how to act but I am starting off by boycotting all garments that have been made with these exploitative practices except when I buy them used. Also, the fashion industry is one of the biggest environmental hazards to our beautiful planet, so I choose to buy used clothes to help minimize my own carbon footprint.

**I have been a vegetarian for several years but became vegan recently. I do wear leather but only when I have bought it from a thrift store or when gifted to me by a friend or relative.


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  1. beautiful look!! i love your top too 😀 and yes – this sounds like an unexpectedly amazing find ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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