Vegan Street Fair: Los Angeles



Last month my younger sister took me to the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood. My intention was to take as many photos as possible of the mouth watering vegan treats that abounded….. but honestly I got so sidetracked by all of the awesome fashion I saw people wearing,  that I ended up primarily taking photos of the attendees. North Hollywood has tons of stylish creative types living and working here so I wasn’t at all surprised. I did end up getting some photos of the food and vendors between munching and asking fair goers to pose for me. (Thanks for all of you that did, you are all so beautiful.)

Here is a description of the event from the website and believe me, it was all they promised and more. Can’t wait for next year’s I’m sure it will be even more delicious and vibrant…


Check out my photo diary of the event.

vegan street fair 2016 14


vegan street fair los angeles 2016 1.png


vegan street fair los angeles 2016 2

This t-shirt was designed by LA based artist Helen Jo. I believe the writing on the back translates to  ‘What are you looking at?’ Not sure though.

vegan street fair 2016 17


vegan street fair los angeles 2016 3



Many people brought their children.

vegan street fair los angeles 2016 4


vegan street fair los angeles 2016 5

They also had a pretty good sound system and many fair goers were dancing. If I wasn’t so busy with taking photos I would have joined them.

vegan street fair 2016 7

vegan street fair 2016 23


vegan street fair 2016 6

One of my favorite ensembles of the day. The earrings, bracelets, delicately embroidered purse and the design on the tunic…simple and elegant. The lady herself had such a beautiful personality and radiated positive vibes, a true beauty inside and out.

vegan street fair 2016 10


vegan street fair 2016 11


vegan street fair 2016 12

Another great ensemble. That eagle necklace is divine.

venice street fair 2016 13


vegan street fair 2016 15

This jacket really caught my attention.

Vegan Street Fair 2016 16

So did this one. I have one in grey…but now I’m coveting one in pink.

vegan street fair 2016 18.JPG


vegan street fair 2016 19.JPG

Another one of my favorite ensembles from the fair. But no accessory can compete with that luminous smile.

vegan street fair 2016 24

vegan street fair karmic vintage

So many cute couples were in attendance. Seeing people in love always uplifts me.

rastafarian colors poncho red green and gold vegan street fair.JPG

vegan street fair north hollywood


vegan street fair 2016 25

Her t-shirt says Hail Seitan, go vegan. (Seitan is  type of wheat protein. It has a similar taste and texture of meat when properly prepared.)

vegan street fair 2016 26

vegan street fair 2016 27

vegan street fair 2016 21

Another great look. Camo and Jimi Hendrix, can’t go wrong with that combination. The hat and shoes take this look from casual to FASHION KILLA.

vegan street fair 2016 28

Some of the vendors.

vegan street fair nomeats

unhealthy vegan

unhealthy vegan youtube

My favorite vendor from the event, True Earth Juicery &Vegan Cafe. I had these delicious raw vegan tacos. The “meat” of the tacos was replaced with deliciously seasoned crushed walnuts and mung beans. The tortilla was replaced with a romaine lettuce leaf. Absolutely  mouth watering….

true earth juicery and cafe

true earth vegan juicery raw tacos

Photo credit: IG @trueearthjuiceryandvegancafe

true earth juicery and vegan cafe north hollywood

About four years ago, perhaps a bit longer I became a pescetarian. I wanted to go vegan but I never thought I would be able to have the self control needed to give up fish and dairy. Two years later,  I stopped eating fish.  I was inspired by a co-worker who gave up fish and meat because of his passionate belief in non-violence. Last month, on the day of the fair I became a vegan. I have a little over a month so far without consuming any animal products. The first three days were the most difficult because the old adage is true, old habits die hard. Now it feels like second nature.

I encourage everyone to go vegan. You don’t have to go without animal products every day if you feel like it is too difficult. Start off with just one day out of the week or more. Just do what works for you. Do it for your health, for the animals, for the environment but most of all for the children. They are the future and we have a responsibility to leave them a better world. The consumption of animal products is killing our beautiful planet. Why not leave a lush healthy planet for their beautiful innocent souls to inherit?

vegan street fair 2016

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