Sex Appeal and the Black T-Shirt Featuring Matt Cordero


By Elkee

menswear monday black t shirt

One of the sexiest outfits a man can wear is a plain black t-shirt with a pair of classic blue jeans. Bonus points if there is a leather jacket in the mix. Not too long ago I photographed Matt Cordero, musician, Karmic Vintage guest blogger and life long friend of Karmic Vintage’s other half, Christine Martinez.

We took these photos in Studio City where Matt demonstrated how to rock the hell out of the classic black t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket  ensemble. As you can see his accessory of chioice is a motorcycle. Aren’t biker dudes hot? (By the way girls, he’s single. Hit him up on Facebook.

Model: Matt Cordero

Height: 5’7

Location: Studio City

Sign: Leo

Calling: Born to Ride…. forced to work.

Black T-Shirt: Some textile factory.

Leather Jacket: Standard Cloth

Gloves: American Products Conpany

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: Bilt

Motorcycle: 2011 Honda Rebel

black t shirt and denim menswear mens style

classic black t shirt menswear

black t shirt leather jacket karmic vintage


black t shirt and denim mens style

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