Feminist Friday: Ororo Munroe/Storm the First Black Super Heroine


By Elkee

storm xmen ororo munroe

Image found on Fanpop.

In 1975,  comic book nerds were introduced to one of the most bad ass superheroes that ever graced the pages of Marvel Comics or any of other comic book publishing house period. Her  birth name is Ororo Munroe and she is mostly known for being an X-Man. Thanks to the popularity of the Marvel Movie franchise she is known to non-comic book aficionados as Storm, her X-men code name. Speaking of code names, one interesting fact about Storm/Ororo is that she was one of the first super heroines that did not have the word girl or woman in her code name. Before her there was Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Marvel Girl etc… Now, the aforementioned ladies are all very powerful and bad-ass too ( don’t get me wrong a rose…by any other name is just as sweet to quote the bard) but in 1975, a female super heroine that did not have the typical woman or girl included in her code name was a rarity.

strom mohawk

Art by Studio Mia.

Storm was also one of the first major black superheroes and the first black female super heroine. Storm was truly a trailblazer and in the comic book world she is one of the strongest mutants there is. She is able to manipulate the forces and elements that pattern the weather. One cool side effect of this ability is that she is able to fly via manipulating the wind, earning her the nickname wind rider. Even without her mutant powers Storm kicks ass. She is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, has excellent leaderships skills (she’s lead the X-Men through many victories), she can also fence and can fly a plane.

ororo munroe xmen

Image from Andy Sowards.

I have always admired Storm, she is an example of a woman that is powerful, dignified and kind. She has a fascinating origins story, and for over a decade her character was written by my favorite comic book writer, Chris Claremont who was responsible for the Dark Phoenix Saga as well as the Days of Future Past storyline. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the movie franchise those two story lines are what the current X-Men movies are based on.

I hope everyone enjoyed this installment of Feminist Friday. If there are any powerful, women out there real or fictional that you would like us to feature on Feminist Friday or if you would like to contribute your own post on Feminism feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone!

Storm white unifrom

Image from tvtropes.org

storm Ororo Munroe First black superheorine

Image from jthenr-comics-vault on Tumblr


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