Feminist Friday: 10 Brutally Honest Tweets by Lena Dunham

lena dunham feminism

By Elkee

March is women’s history month and I’d like to take this opportunity to launch the beginning of Feminist Fridays. This series was inspired by Karmic Vintage’s other resident blogger and partner in crime, Christine Martinez. Every Friday we will attempt to disseminate tidbits of knowledge from strong women we admire.

For our first installment I’d like to put the spotlight on Lena Dunham. Now I do not necessarily agree with everything she says or does (associating with Terry Richardson is something I definitely do not agree with) I am still a great admirer of her due to her willingness to be outspoken about controversial subjects and the shameless boldness of her television show, Girls. She is brutally honest in an industry full of conformists.

1. Nothing pains me more than when something like the R. Kelly convo comes to light and women turn on each other

2. Forgive me father for I have been classless, defiant and people-pleasey all at once.

3. (On the Woody Allen Sexual Abuse Scandal) It’s easy (for me) to get angry at the silence of my industry and the ignorance victims are faces with. I’d rather hope for change.

4. I love my feminist boyfriend and I don’t care who knows it.

5. In the wake of Dylan’s letter I’ve noticed a lot of guys obsessed with the idea of being falsely accused…

6. Gosh, boys get so mad when you use words they don’t know.

7. Today I saw a male model writing words in a notebook and was like “get your own thing, man”

8. Don’t want to be a pessimist but I’ll bet you anything that half the couples at who got married at the Grammy’s were looking for an agent

9. The debate about good and bad feminism makes me want to take a nap for a year

10. I never want to be didactic on twitter, I want to recognize how freaking complex it is to be a woman right now, AKA very

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