OOTD: American Rag Sundress and Cardigan Combo


By Christine:

flower print design

Hey ladies and gents! This week my outfit of the day was constructed on the basis of me wanting to dress up a bit for a family function that I was attending. I asked Elkee if I could borrow one of her many cute dresses (she could totally open up a separate store of her personal closet just FYI) because I haven’t bought a new dress in I don’t know how long so my collection is lacking, to say the least. Anyway, I ended up choosing this super adorable floral dress by American Rag. It kind of reminded me of a babydoll dress (I know, it’s technically a sundress but who’s getting technical?) and what I really liked about it is the bodice that accentuates your waist right below your bust. The rest of the dress falls in a style that reminds me of a “freer form of pleats”, if that makes sense to anyone. It’s just such a cute dress and the minute I saw it I knew I wanted to pair it with a cardigan and boots to mimic something Courtney Love would have worn in like ’95. The boots I wore are brown motorcycle-meets-hipster boots that I bought a couple years ago at H&M. They have thus far held up pretty well, I mean I’ve even worn them in snow, so they were a great purchase. Only recently has the top of the left one been coming apart but it’s nothing that a little super glue can’t fix. The cardigan I wore is from an unknown brand that I got years and years back at Ross. If it’s possible to get sentimental over a simple black cardigan then I am guilty as charged. I got this when I was about 13 years old and it has been old faithful ever since. I remember changing the buttons once to purple ones but it didn’t match with everything so I changed them back to black. I remember letting my best friend Jocelyn borrow it a ton back in high school and she would let me borrow her Smiths t-shirts so it was a really awesome trading system we had going on. I remember there was a point in time where I considered getting rid of it because I felt that it fit me too small as I got older but after I started losing weight it fits relatively well now and I just can’t imagine why I ever even contemplated tossing it. My heart goes out to you, never-fading-always-warming-but-not-too-warm-like-just-the-right-amount-of-comfort, cardigan. I just realized that the shades I am wearing in this OOTD are the same I wore in my last and they were purchased at Target.

brown boots floral sundress floral dress cardigan

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