Karmic Vintage is Open for Business


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By Christine

Hey ladies and gents! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about a special project Elkee and I have been developing for quite some time now. I know there have been constant previews and mentions of this and now we are so stoked to announce the finished product. Karmic Vintage is expanding into an online clothing store!! We used Storenvy as our starting platform and for those who are unfamiliar with the site, Storenvy curtails to displaying and promoting up-and-coming brands and “inspired goods”. You can establish your own store and browse other stores that are offered for one-of-a-kind items. We decided to use this as our humble beginnings because unlike eBay or Etsy, Storenvy doesn’t try to stick their hands in the pockets of our sales which is significant for reasons I shall explain later and just the overall online aesthetic was more pleasing to us than those other aforementioned sites. Karmic Vintage caters to authentic vintage pieces, vintage reproduction and modern pieces with mid-century flair. Some of these garments are gently used, designer or completely brand new but all of them are absolutely to die for and vintage inspired. Elkee has an incredible sense of style and I am fortunate enough to wake up and fall asleep every night looking at these amazing clothes and I still can’t get enough of them. The clothes say so much on their own but I love seeing them on our beautiful friends that are so gracious enough to model them for us and everyone to see (can’t thank you all enough!). I think it’s also important to note that we do not condone the use of Photoshop or over-edit techniques to alter the appearances of our models or clothing in any way shape or form. I believe that the modern day manufacturing of women to pervade this notion of an “ideal” body-type is wrong, demeaning and dehumanizing. If you’ve already browsed our website or have seen our promotional photos that we post on our various social media outlets then you can see just how stunning these women are, they need no adjustments! End note, we also welcome all body sizes and types to the forefront so if you or anyone you know would love to model in gorgeous clothing, please reach out to us!


The reason why the name Karmic Vintage was chosen was because we wanted to branch out in return for the generosity people are exhibited when they purchase our clothing. We didn’t simply want to pocket the money for our own benefit but rather donate 10% of quarterly sales to a different charity. Since Storenvy requires very little payment in return for their hosting, we will have more money to devote to charities in need. We also wanted, in time, to expand in doing volunteer work with these charities to see first-hand where everyone’s contribution will be going to. That and simply building a sense of community and “karma” is really importantly to us personally and to us as a brand. We believe that Karmic Vintage is more than just pretty dresses but it’s a way of being a part of a grander scheme of things. We appreciate all the love and support we have received up until this point and even if we never garnered anymore, we are so grateful for what we have and we vow to always spread those sentiments along. We love each and every one of you and we hope to grow and further the Karmic Vintage vision with your support!

“Let all that you do, be done in love”

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  1. That’s awesome!!! Huge congrats on the launch! I always adore knowing the reason(s) behind why things are named as they are and really enjoyed that you shared that point here with us in this post.

    Wishing you endless success with Karmic Vintage!
    ♥ Jessica

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