Musician Monday: Interview with Singer-Songwriter Enoch Garcia

Enoch Garcia

Posted by Christine

Hey ladies and gents! I’m pleased to spotlight an up-and-coming artist whom Elkee and I have known for a while now and are so stoked to be able to showcase his talents and new projects with you all. Enoch Garcia is a 25-year old, San Fernando Valley native who is the newest singer-songwriter to step onto the music scene. With over 15 years of musical experience under his belt, Enoch is now gearing up to release his first debut album entitled, Love. Bridging influences from genres like rock, R&B, pop and Latino music and melding them together with lyrics personifying the complexities of emotions surrounding the album’s namesake, Enoch’s premier solo efforts will undoubtedly not be his last. I can over romanticize this album to my little heart’s content but I think it does a good job of selling itself and judging from the first single entitled, “Nena” set to drop Feb. 4th, you’ll think so too. Watch out lovers, Enoch is here and he’ll make you fall in Love all over again.

enoch garcia  love

1. Where are you based out of?

I currently reside in Van Nuys, CA

2. Have you always been musically inclined? How did you get your start?

I started performing at the age of 8. Drums were my first love. From there expanded to other instruments including singing and songwriting.

3. What instruments do you play?

I play Piano mainly. Sing. Bass, Guitar and Drums.

4. You write your own songs, what do you tend to typically write about? What are your influences when writing?

I like to write about real life experiences/situations. Be it personal experiences in my life or experiences friends, family have had and I use them as inspiration.

5. I know you were previously in a Maná cover band, have you always been in bands before this?

I have always played with a band. Being in a cover band was a good and different experience but I’m glad to be writing original material again.

6. Would this be your first solo experience? If so, how do you feel about the transition?

It is my first solo album. I feel good. Excited about what’s been accomplished so far and optimistic about the future. This project is a more personal project as I have full control of the direction in which it goes and it expresses my creativity, thoughts and experiences.

7. How would you describe your sound?

When I started this project in my mind it was an R&B/Pop sound but through recording sessions it’s morphed into a unique Hybrid of R&B/Pop with Dance and Rock mixed into it.

8. Since a large portion of this blog is dedicated to fashion, how would you describe your sense of style?

I love fashion and I think it shows in my style of dress. But I would say my style of dress is more European. Swedish, Italian perhaps. More fitted than loose. More suits and jackets than just a tee and jeans.


9. Which artists are you a fan of and who do you mirror your music off of?

Most of the music that I listen to doesn’t show in my music but I love listening to Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men and groups like that. R&B Vocal Groups.

10.The first single off of your album is “Nena”, I really enjoyed that the song is bilingual. Can we expect to hear that throughout the rest of the album?

Yes, there are couples songs that are bilingual. I have a Spanish background so showing that in my music was important. That’s probably something that will always be in my music.

11. When and where can we hear the album?

The single “Nena” will be releasing on February 4th You will find it on iTunes and all digital stores such Amazon, Google Plus etc.. You will also find it on my website  and social media sites. We are currently filming the music video for the single, which will release a bit after the song so keep an eye out for it.

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Follow Enoch on Facebook here. Or on Instagram here.


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