OOTD: Tiki 2 Piece Vintage Playsuit in Orange and Red Tiki Print

vintage 2 piece playsuit pinup girl clothing

This vintage inspired 2 piece playsuit by Dixifried is probably the most comfortable beach attire I have ever worn. Pinup Girl Clothing carries this brand exclusively, if I’m not mistaken. I have it in yellow banana print as well. (To view previous post on yellow version click here.) I believe this set is meant to be worn as a beach cover up but I think it works great as a swimsuit. As you can tell from the pics I’ve already been in the water in them.  I think this is one of the most flattering swimsuit styles for any body type especially curvier ladies like myself. The high-waisted shorts highlight the smallest part of a woman’s waist and the tie front top with the slightly high  structured shoulders sort of balance out your proportions. I think it works on more slender types as well due to the cut of the shorts that feature a slightly flared hem, creating a more feminine silhouette. Below is a picture of Micheline Pitt one of the designers at pinup girl clothing who often models for the brand (as well as doing make-up, she’s a total triple threat.). I think the flare on the hem stands out more in this photo of her.

micheline pitt pinup girl clothing vintage tiki playsuit

I checked the Pinup Girl Clothing website this morning and it looks like they are all out of the set in the red and orange tiki print but the black version is on sale. It’s marked down to $70.80, it usually goes for $118.00. Click here to purchase.

I was lucky enough to get my set for a very deep discount at the Pinup Girl Clothing Annual Yard Sale last year. The flower headband I’m wearing came from May Max, a trendy discount clothing store in Southern California. It cost about $2.00. I believe most locations are in the San Fernando Valley. The cat eye sunglasses came from The Santa Fe Springs Swapmeet. They also have live music playing often, with some pretty good bands it is well worth checking out.

pinup girl clothing vintage 2 piece playsuit orange and red tiki print

pinup girl clothing vintage 2 piece playsuit orange and red tiki print 2


vintage tiki 2 piece playsuit orange and red tiki print

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Enjoy the rest of your week everyone and honestly if you live in Southern Cali, skip work and hit the beach. These pics were taken last Wednesday and the weather was perfect!



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