Vegeterian Recipe: Immunity Boosting Kale-Strawberry Salad

strawberry kale salad

I put together this kale-strawberry salad a few days ago with the intention of eating something tasty and rich in nutrients as many people around me are either ill or getting over some type of flu or respiratory disease of one kind or another. I’m not big on taking vitamins or supplements as I honestly don’t need/want to give my money to yet another faceless corporation when I can just get my vitamins and nutrients directly from the source. I have also read online that multivitamins or other health supplements have not been proven to stave off chronic illness, a healthy diet and exercise however have proven time and time again to do just that.

Every ingredient in this salad is good for you. The flavors of all of the different ingredients blend together well and ialmost all of them boost your immunity in some wayBefore I get in to the recipe let me just share this list of ingredients with a quick description of what they can do for your health.

Kale: Protects against certain cancers due to carotenoids and flavonoids 2 types of powerful anti-oxidants found in its delicious dark green leaves. It is also good for your heart, has Vitamins C and A which are great for your vision, skin, immune system, metabolism and hydration. It also has tons of  calcium, comparable if not more than a milk. Lastly, kale is great for detoxifying. I recommend whipping up this Kale salad after a night of binge drinking. (Or make it beforehand and have it waiting in the fridge, cooking with a hangover? No thanks.) The sulfur in Kale aids in cleaning out your liver.

Strawberries: High in fiber, ease inflammation, contain an anti-oxidant named ellagic acid (prevents skin sagging) promote bone health,  burn stored fat, good for hair, skin and nails, also good for your heart.

Avocado: Vitamin E, monosaturated fat, folate (Folate protects you against strokes and for expectant mommies birth defects) fight free radicals, lower blood pressure and is great for your hair, skin and nails.

Hemp Seeds: High in protein, anti-inflammatory properties, promote healthy cholesterol levels. Contain all 9 essential amino acids, protects your immunity, skin health and is also good for your heart.

Cucumber: Contains vitamin B for energy, rehydrate the body, good for skin and nail health, has all vitamins that the body needs to survive and it is also an excellent hangover cure.

Yellow Banana Peppers: Contains carotenoids (they fight cancer), healthy fat, are low in sodium and boost eye health.

Pepper Jack Cheese: Contains protein, aside from that it is a bit unhealthy in large quantities.

Balsamic Vinegar:great source of iron, calcium and potassium. it also contains antioxidants that protect you from heart disease and cancer.

Here is a list of ingredients with the calorie count of each ingredient in parentheses. Serves three. 548 calories a serving.

2 cup kale (66)

1 cup strawberries (106)

3 oz Yellow Banana Peppers (about 15 chillis)   (18)

3 Tbsp Hemp Seeds (170)

2 avocados (644)

1 large cucumber (45)

3 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar (30)

3 oz Pepper-jack cheese (330)

3 Eggs (234)

Directions: Wash and tear kale leaves in to small pieces and soak in balsamic vinegar. Slice and dice avocado, cucumber, strawberries and banana peppers and 1 1/2 oz cheese.  Put the sliced and diced ingredients over the kale. Beat eggs in a mixing bowl until they are slightly fluffy. Pour beaten eggs in a skillet that has been coated with either Pam or olive oil. Once eggs are fully cooked, divide it in to 3 part and place on top of salad. Place leftover 1 1/2 oz. cheese on top of egg and you are done!

strawberry kale vegan salad

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