Where To Get Bettie Page Bangs and other Vintage Hair Styles: Catching up with Karen Rivera

Where to get bettie page bangs 2

karen rivera vintage hairstylist

haistylist karen rivera

retro hairstylist karen rivera

side swept vintage hairsryle

Hey Everyone! Last year I had the chance to interview Karen Rivera, an immensely talented Vintage Hairstylist who is my go to stylist when I need to trim and re-shape my Bettie Bangs. I wanted to share with you all some images of the great hair she’s been doing lately as well as some images from a special project we collaborates on that I will tell you all more about another time. To view the full text of the interview I conducted with Karen last year click here.

Karen may be a bona fide Bettie Bangs Guru, but that’s not all she’s good at. Below are some galleries I put together which showcase her various strengths as a hairstylist. From Bettie Page Bangs to V-bangs, color corrections, victory rolls and other vintage hair styles, Karen’s hair styling abilities are as diverse as the unique clientele that seek out her services at Total E-Clips Hair Salon in Montebello, California.


Gallery 1: Bettie Page Bangs 


Gallery 2: V-Bangs


Gallery 3: Vintage Hairstyles


Gallery 4: Color Corrections


(Due to incredibly high demand Karen is unable to take clients at the moment. Every few months she will make an announcement on her Instagram that she is opening her appointment book for a limited amount if time so it is worth giving her a follow on Instagram here..)

Many of these images were taken from Karen’s Instagram account @kilimarie (which you will see watermarked). The rest I took myself.



  1. I’m such a fan of these strong, vintage hairstyles. That little girl rocking the V-Bangs must be the coolest girl in school!

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