Follow Your Dreams: Part 1

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I’m an internet addict. I have been this way for almost a decade now. Sometimes it’s a good thing other times not so much. I’d like to share with you the results of one of the times my internet addiction yielded positive results. Last night I spent a quite a few hours (I’ll refrain from divulging the obscene amount.) devouring information from a website called Life Hack. They have a wealth of concise posts on quite the panoply of subjects such as, career advice, self improvement, relationship advice, technology and finance.
One post in particular hit me very close to home, “7 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Follow Your Dream”. Recently, I unexpectedly quit my job. To make a long story short, I was not receiving the respect that an employee/human being is entitled to and was often harassed and humiliated  by my immediate supervisor. One day this person did something that broke the proverbial camel’s back so I told the person how I felt (in the calm and diplomatic way that typifies my work persona) and resigned on the spot, packed a some of my things, and never looked back. This decision has caused me a substantial amount of financial hardship but I have always maintained that there are more important things in the world than money. Personally, I would rather live a simple, humble existence than trade in my dignity in exchange for financial stability. That being said I am in no way encouraging anyone to make such a rash choice. I do not regret my decision  but I am the type of person that is always open to change. So, why do I not regret my decision? The answer is simple, for over a year I have been dreaming of becoming a full time blogger. Now I am finally able to pursue my dream with no 9-5 drama standing in my way. Coincidentally, my good friend and collaborator Christine Martinez who some of you may remember from her various guest posts in the Music section is also going through some life changes of her own and has also put herself in a position to become a full time blogger with Karmic Vintage. When you take risks somehow the stars just align don’t they? Watch out world…Karmic Vintage is about to take over.

Below is a shortened version of the post on Life Hack. To see the full post click here. It was written by a woman named Lianne Martha Laroya (Girl Power woot woot!). She is the founder of a website called The Wise Living. She teaches young people about money management and early investing in The Phillipines

Here is the “cliff notes” version of her post:

Quit your job. Follow your dreams. Chase your passion. Live life to the fullest.

These seemingly cliché pieces of advice are often repeated whenever you encounter motivational blogs and inspirational websites, right?

Why is this so? It’s because these mantras mean something. These mantras are actually often emphasized because they’re valuable to the improvement of your life and the betterment of your personal growth.

While we also advocate that you quit your job and follow your dreams, there are some disclaimers that you need to be aware of — we don’t want you to act rashly:

  • Have a fully filled emergency fund worth 3-6 months’ of your expenses as a cushion.
  • Consider the possibility of your job connecting you to your dream.
  • As early as now, look at your dream objectively and determine how you can turn it into a sustainable source of income.

Are you already finished?

Well, if you’re sure that you’re ready to quit your job and start living your dream now, here are seven reasons to compel you and motivate you to take the great leap:

1. You’ll be in control of your own life.

2. You’ll have more opportunities to develop responsibility and accountability.

3. Fulfillment can only be achieved by doing work that you love.

4. Forget the mindless drone and numbing chatter — you’re empowered each day!

5. You will be spared the “What If?” syndrome.

6. You’ll enhance your creativity and innovation skills.

7. You are going to be independent and successful, in time.

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  1. Good luck in the new path you are taking. I started my own business 3 years ago and you must became a husstler and never give up, no matter how hard the road may be. People think that having a businness is easier as you may have your own time, but it is harder, but it gives satisfaction of doing what you love and what you believe in while earning money.

  2. Good for you, there is a line and when it comes to it you can’t keep sacrificing yourself for those who walk all over you and getting out of the situation can take as much strength as picking yourself up afterwards so you’ve obviously got inner reserves for your new path. As you probably know working for yourself is a 24/7 job with little stability but for those with enough determination it can be much more rewarding. You’re an experienced blogger so at least have the advantage of an established blog, knowledge and viewers/followers. All the best 🙂

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