Vintage Gal Boutique Black Friday Haul

*Black Friday may be over but Vintage Gal Boutique is still offering some pretty deep discounts on their site. Keep reading for more details*


vintage reproduction


I very rarely participate in Black Friday. The last thing I want to do on a day off is deal with crowds, lines and  screaming children. Luckily I have become so  good at bargain hunting, I can get those types of discounts all year round anyway so I never feel as if I’m missing anything.

This past Black Friday however, I made an exception. Vintage Gal Boutique, a vintage reproduction clothing line specializing in Hawaiian Style Tiki Dresses was offering a buy one get one free special on Black Friday. Vintage Gal Boutique already offers very reasonable prices and as I adore vintage/vintage reproduction Tiki dresses as much as I love a good bargain so how could I not go?


Vintage Gal Boutique Tiki Dress


My Friend Hilda is the person that introduced me to Vintage Gal boutique and we went to the sale together. When we arrived, the owner/designer Kim Acuna immediately greeted us and asked us what we were looking for. She took a lot of time to find the right sizes for us and helped us try various garments on.


Vintage Reproduction Tiki Dress


I must have tried on about 6 dresses,and at least 6 other items of clothing. Hilda already knew what she wanted and was ready to go before I was. Check out this picture she posted on her Instagram account (@miss_hilda) of her haul.



vintage gal boutique


The shop had a great selection at the shop of Tiki Dresses, Sarong Dresses Swing dresses, Wiggle dresses, rompers and a good amount of trendier/more modern style clothes. As Hilda and I made our selections and tried things on I noticed a steady stream of customers coming in and out. They all seemed to know Kim by name and already knew what they wanted. On the store’s website they emphasize that their cutomer’s need are of the utmost important to them and that the majority of their clientele are referrals and returning customers. I definitely saw this in play while I was at the store. They also carry their designs up to a size 24.

Here’s a pic of Hilda trying on one of the sarong Tiki dresses she eventually ended up buying.


Vintage Gal Boutique Yellow Sarong Dress

Some of the in store displays.


Vintage Reproduction

Vntage Reproduction Clothing


The dress I’m wearing in the picture below as well as the one I’m holding up are the ones I bought. I was amazed at how lovely they fit and also at the quality of the design and construction.


Vintage Reproductoin Tiki Dress

Here is another Tiki dress that I almost bought. Everything about it was perfect but I abstained from purchasing it. A few weeks prior to my visit to Vintage Gal Boutique visit I spent quite a bit of dough at at the Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale (read more on that here). Showing restraint during a BOGO sale was not easy but I managed to exert some self control and left with only 2 dresses and a hair wrap that Kim kindly gifted to both Hilda and I.


Vintage Reproduction Tiki Dress

Vintage Gal Boutique is currently having a sale online. Their rompers and some of their wiggle dresses are 50% off. Check out the online store if you want to add some high quality, low cost vintage reproduction items to your wardrobe. If you live in Southern California you can visit their brick and mortar store.

Here is the address:

2 N First Ave
Arcadia Ca 91006


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