Doctor Who or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Who Back When Podcast

gina guerrerro JD Ponken WhoBackWhen podcast

Hello again, Gina here to review one of my favorite Doctor Who podcasts…Who Back When. As a self-proclaimed Doctor Who podcast connoisseur, I listen to many DW podcasts that range from reviewing current episodes to arguing about what is or is not cannon. This podcast is different. I discovered this podcast that was reviewing Doctor Who episodes starting from 1963 on Reddit six months ago.  It was perfect timing being that I had recently decided to start watching the Classic series from the beginning. With 743 episodes in the Classic Series to get through, I was intrigued to listen to their thoughts and impressions on the old series.

Listening to the first episode “An Unearthly Child”, I was immediately struck by two things: the humor (including their amazing theme song) and the hosts’ absolute love for Doctor Who. The premise of the podcast is simple, Ponken (@ponken) and Flappy (@12Manymornings) are two guys discussing and reviewing these episodes plot point by plot point. What I think makes the podcast enjoyable is the playful dynamic between the two hosts. The discussion is engaging, thought provoking and most importantly hilarious. I appreciate that they don’t claim to be experts on DW and many of the stories they are watching for the first time. This allows for a kind of objectivity you don’t get very often  with Doctor Who. At times, they tend to be derisive when it comes to line flubs, cheap sets or occasional bad acting. However, there is still a sense of warmth and respect for the episodes, characters and especially the history of the show.

One of the many things I appreciate about this podcast, is their ability to evolve their format based on listener feedback. The first addition was reading out the listeners’ mini reviews at the end of each story. The listener reviews are full of trivia and perspectives on the stories that are unique and interesting. It has also created a little Who Back When listener community on Twitter, which I am lucky to be a part of.  The next addition was the Bite Sized Chunk of Who, where they give a summary for those who have not watched the story. The newest addition being  (@ponken)  recruiting a listener/lifelong Whovian JD (@mariuskane, pictured below) to review Big Finish 8th Doctor audio stories with him, which adds another dynamic to the podcast.

dr who 50th anniversary

You can jump in at any episode (even if you haven’t watched it) because they give extensive explanations of the story and where they are at in the DW’s timeline. Personally, I would suggest watching the stories before you listen to the podcast, as I believe that it increases the enjoyment. There are very few podcasts I can say I listen to over and over again, but this is definitely one made for repeat listening.

I’m sure you can tell I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and the Who Back When Podcast.  So, I implore you to subscribe to Who Back When on ITunes, like them on Facebook (click here) or head over to and check this podcast out. To quote the theme song, episode by episode they are trudging down this temporal road, come join them on this odyssey, what other choice could there be.


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