5 Interesting Facts About Bettie Page

bettie page red swing dress

I saw this stunning portrait of Bettie in this exquisite red dress and pearls yesterday on the Bettie Page Reveals All Facebook page and I had to share it with you all. Bettie Page Reveals All, the Mark Mori directed Bettie Page documentary opened last night in NYC and will be showing in LA next week. In honor of opening weekend I thought it would be appropriate to compile a quick list of  5 facts about Bettie that I’m sure you will all find as fascinating as I do if you don’t already.

bettie page bangs

5. Bettie may have been from the south but she was no damsel in distress. She carried a BRICK in her purse for protection against over eager male admirers.

4. For a woman born and raised in the poor south she had very progressive views. Bettie indisputably preceded the sexual revolution and free spirited, outspoken rebellious counter culture of the 1960’s.  Bettie maintained  that God did not look down on nudity and was once arrested for doing a nude photo shoot. During this incident authorities threatened to charge her with “indecent exposure” and she was so upset at the thought of anyone thinking she was doing something indecent that she protested and argued her case with success: they ended up charging her with disorderly conduct instead.

3. Bettie’s views may have been progressive but was “straight edge” as far as her off camera lifestyle was concerned. She did not smoke, drink or do drugs. She also tried not to date men that drank or smoke either as she could not stand the smell of those vices on a lover’s breath. I read somewhere that earlier in her career she posed for some photographs with a cigarette dangling from her lips and often expressed regret over doing so.

2. Her biggest dream was to be Valedictorian at her High School so she could win a scholarship to Vanderbilt University. She can came in second in her class instead and was voted most likely to succeed.

1. Bunny Yeager once said “It was impossible to take a bad photo of her.”  I think that’s very true. Bettie was absolutely stunning in front of the camera, with our without those signature Bettie Bangs. Take a look:

bettie page without bangs

Click here for tickets to the Los Angeles screening of Bettie Page reveals All on November 29th.

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Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!



  1. You know, as famous as Betty was for posing sans much in the way of clothing, my favourite photos of here are those like the first one here, where she’s decked out in beautiful clothing of the era. As they are for so many vintage loving gals the world over, it’s those kinds of shots (or her) that have long inspired me (I’m sure if I did burlesque or more pin-up types of modeling/photos, I’d garner much inspiration from her more risque photos, too).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for both of your recent blog comments. I sincerely appreciate them! ♥

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