OOTD: Pinup Girl Clothing Audrey Skirt in Navy

pinup girl-clothing audrey skirt in navy

Recently I was forced to throw away my favorite high waisted skirt becuase the zipper broke and it was too old and faded to justify a repair. It was from Ann Taylor, pleated, black and made of a sturdy eyelet fabric. It fit me perfectly and always flattered my figure regardless of my irritating weight fluctuations. For months I have been looking for it’s equivalent with no luck. Fortunately for me, I recently came across the gorgeous Audrey Skirt in Navy by Pinup Girl Clothing at a local thrift store which I purchased mere minutes after laying eyes on it for $6.00!!

RIP Ann Taylor Skirt

ann taylor pleated skirt

Pinup Girl’s Audrey Skirt is just as flattering as my beloved, Ann Taylor skirt except it has a lot more volume which is super fun! It really is the perfect replacement. I adore details on garments such as bows but sometimes they get out of shape in the wash. The bow on the Audrey Skirt however, is not only whimsical but durable as it has survived 2 washes in the laundry so far without losing it’s shape.

I think this skirt is perfect for recreating the vintage look but with a conservative blouse or cardigan it can easily double as work wear. I’ve already worn mine to work three times in the past month.

The website has this skirt priced at $78.00 and they also have some other color ways such as gingham, fuchsia and a longer version in Navy which is currently on sale for $61.00. I recommend this skirt to anyone that wants to look polished, classy and pulled together without sacrificing comfort.

Audrey Skirt Pinup Girl Clothing

Click here to view Pinup Girl Clothing’s separates section where you will find a handful of variations on this style.

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  1. I really love it when one can find a replacement to outfits that have been put to their test of durability and trustworthiness, for looks, fashion, life’s fun. But I must confess, sometimes I buy two just in case something happens to one, or to extend its life span.

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