Review Pinup Girl Annual Yard Sale 2013

pinup girl clothing yard sale

For the second year in a row I was able to attend Pinup Girl Clothing’s Annual Yard Sale. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, here is a short description from their website:

Laura Byrnes, has been specializing in the highest quality vintage inspired fashion, shoes and accessories for women of every size! Our original designs are cut to flatter your curves and make you look as beautiful as you feel, at prices to fit every budget. Pinup Girl Clothing is the first company to do more than pay lip service to the idea that beauty is not a size.

I think the website’s description says it all. I would only emphasize the “quality” part. Their  dresses are made with strong fabric and the tailoring is such that most of their styles will flatter various figures. Quality however, comes with a price tag, and though I do not really feel their clothes are overpriced, as you get what you pay for, most dresses cost $100.00 and up while some separates can carry  price tags upwards of $50.00. Again these prices are fair, but not always accessible for everyone.

At the Yard Sale you could not find a single item over $60.00 and I think the lowest priced items were $5.00. Doors were scheduled to open at 10:00 am but when my mother and I arrived at about 9:15, there were already about 100 or so people in line. Many brought their own chairs so they wouldn’t get tired of standing.

yard sale pin up girl clothing

pinup girl clothing yard sale

At about 9:40 or so Natasha Estrada, burlesque performer, model and lead singer of La Cholita and The Kreeps, who was volunteering at the event came out to address the crowd. She thanked everyone for coming out, gave us a rundown of what to expect and assured us that doors would open soon.

natasha estrada la cholita and the kreeps

Once doors were open, groups of 20 or so at a time were let in. This meant more lining up for those of us that were not let in right away.

pinupgirl clothing yard sale

Like last year, racks were organized by size, unlike last year clothes inventory was all set out all at once. Last year, inventory was taken out in stages. Many new styles were available as well as some old styles and there seemed to be a lot of variety in style for all sizes more so than last year. Also, I didn’t see other vendors there this time around but I did notice that  there seemed to be more staff. From what I could gather their focus was on making sure people were not hoarding clothes and that everyone had a fair shot at scoring good deals. They also did some very effective crowd control.

pinup girl yard sale

yard sale pinup girl clothing

The endless dressing room lines.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

My friend Sophia, showing off her deeply discounted selections. She brought all three dresses you see in the pic and a t-shirt.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

My Instagram friend Jenn, who I met in person for the first time.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

The event also featured a special reveal of Pinup Girl Clothing’s Pinup Couture handbags. They were also on sale along with some other styles. Check out the protective packaging it’s too cute!

pinup girl couture handbags

pinup couture handbags

I was able to find a few dresses I really liked and some separates that I have been wanting forever about 20 minutes after I went in. After making a few rounds on the floor checking things out and making sure I didn’t miss anything I headed to the check out area where I parted with my hard earned money.

pinup girl clothing sale

More lines at the check out area.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

A couple of lovely volunteers manning the check out area.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

After I paid for my purchases I met up with my mom and we took full advantage of the food trucks waiting in the parking lot. My mom and I got burgers from The Lobos Truck.  My mom got the The Lobo burger and I got a vegetarian burger that had some very tasty vegan mayo on it. The Mandoline Truck was also there.the lobos truck

My purchases from the yard sale. I actually bought 2 pairs of the Deadly Dames cigarette pants in zebra since they were only $20.00 each! A full post on all of the items I bought at the sale is coming soon.

pinup girl clothing yard sale

Thank you for stopping by the blog everyone. Check out my post from last year’s yard sale by clicking here.

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Have an awesome week everyone!



  1. I saw that you had a good time there, what a gorgeous clothes and bags I saw there! I’m curious about your next post about the bought items, have a beautiful evening ! 🙂 !

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