OOTD: Vintage Polka Dot Swing Dress

vintage polka dot swing dress

I got this vintage polka dot swing dress on a recent thrifting excursion. I found a lot of cute things that day but I’ll save it for another post. The polka dots were what first caught my eye. Then I got a closer look and I seriously almost gasped as I took in all of the exquisite 1940s/1950s features. I especially went gaga over the voluminous circle skirt, ruffled neckline and floaty fabric. I already owned these Betsey Johnson polka dot satin sandals as well as the polka dot vintage belt so shelling out the $8.00 bucks was a no brainier. I wore it to the movies to watch Wolverine after work. Later that evening my bf joined me at the movie theater and we watched Grown Ups 2.


betsey johnson silk sandal polks dot

These vintage  Weiss earrings are from a a thrift store in Burbank called Age of Innocence.  The sunnies are from the Santa Fe Springs Swapmeet.



vintage earrings age of innocence

age of innocence vintage earrings


polka dot swing dress vintage

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