Musician Sunday: Rihanna in Abu Dhabi

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came upon these stunning pictures of Rihanna in Abu Dhabi. I literally lost my breath when I saw them. The reaction from online is a bit mixed though. Some people think it’s disrespectful that she uses a Mosque as backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot. Others are impressed that she’s appropriately dressed for the occasion (as many of you know the singer is known for her racy attire) and even applaud her use of the traditional HJijab.

Personally I love the entire outfit and the photography is incredible. The photography team tagged in the pictures is gomillion & Leupold. The location is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

rihanna abu dhabi

Rihanna Instagram Abu Dhabi

rihanna hijab

hijab rihanna

rihanna sheihk zayed mosquesheikh zayed mosque rihanna

You can view the rest of the pics on Rihanna’s Instagram account @badgalriri. Also, take a sec to like Karmic Vintage on Facebook.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!



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