Iggy Azalea Covers Complex in Bettie Page Bangs

iggy azalea complex magazine cover bettie page bangsI really love Iggy Azalea’s photo  spread in the October/November issue of Complex magazine. Iggy’s pose on the cover is an obvious homage of Marylin Monroe’s famous Playboy spread and I honestly think they did a great job with it. I think the flower theme gave those classic photographs of Marilyn a fresh new twist.

(Below is a pic I took of some of those photographs from that set that were displayed at The Hollywood Museum during the Marilyn Monroe exhibit that just came to an end last Friday for comparison. You can read more about the Marilyn Monroe exhibit here.)

marilyn monroe playboy

Another cool thing about the spread was it’s other obvious homage, this time to Bettie Page. There were at least 2 pictures in the pics that were released online today that referenced the classic Bettie Page photographs, specifically  the collection of Bettie pics commonly referred to as  Jungle Bettie.

Jungle Bettie Page BangsJungle Bettie PageAlthough I don’t think Iggy quite nailed Bettie or Marilyn (but who can?) she totally pulled off the Bettie Bangs as well as the general vibe of vintage meets modern  pin up photography. The Bettie Page bangs looked fabulous on her as well.

Check out the rest of Iggy Azalea’s pictures in Complex magazine’s 2013 issue below. Also, if you have been wanting to get Bettie Page bangs cut but don’t know where to find a good hairstylist check out my interview with hairstylist Karen Rivera here. Karen is a hairstylist based out of Southern California and she cuts the cleanest Bettie Page bangs around. Make an appointment with her and you will not be disappointed.

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