North Hollywood Farmer’s Market

north hollywood farmer's marketYesterday afternoon I spent some time at the North Hollywood Farmer’s Market. It was taking place on a street that I walk by on my way home from my exercise class so I figured I had nothing to lose if I stopped by for a bit.

The first place I gravitated towards was the band that was playing at the entrance. Being the loyal enthusiast of live music that I am I stopped to take in part of their set and snap a few pics. The name of the act is Dennis Gurwell if I’m not mistaken.

dennis gurwell north hollywood farmers marketdennis gurwell alwaysThen I sampled some GMO free nut butters, and some flavored roasted and raw nuts from Avila and Sons Farms.

avila and sons farms nut butter menu bought a jar of the almond butter for my sister, a jar of honey walnut for me, plus a small bag of honey roasted walnuts and a large bag of salt and lemon lime flavored pistachios. They were all delicious, especially the honey roasted walnuts. They literally melt in your mouth. I asked the gentleman who was manning the impressive set up if they were Organic/GMO-Free and although he said that they did not have certification their products were indeed GMO free.

British Baked Vegan Bakery My next stop was at British Baked’s stand. British Baked is a small home based vegan bakery . As I stopped eating meat about 6 months ago and gave up dairy 2 weeks ago, running in to them was truly a godsend! Their vegan chocolate fudge helped me get through my first dairy-free week.

brittish baked vegan fudgeI also bought some vegan toffee that looked like a piece of sea foam colored (yet delicious) Kryptonite, and a couple of vegan muffins topped with some type of orange-chocolatey glaze. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all. My birthday is coming up in October and I think I may  order some more vegan pastries from British Baked  to celebrate.

brittish baked vegan toffeeAs I happily walked off with my armload of vegan goodies I spotted a Tunisian food stand near by and sampled some of their many almond and bean based spreads. My favorite was the Spicy Almond Spread. The consistency is a bit like hummus except almonds are used in place of chickpeas. I bought three containers like the one you see in the 3rd picture for $12.00. I gave one to my sister who recently became a vegetarian, one to my mother and one for myself. I practically inhaled my share within  30 minutes of arriving home.

kadi products moon of paris

spicy almond spread kadi productsspicy almond spreadMy last food related stop  at The Farmer’s Market was at the fresh vegetable/fruit juice stand ran by Kapatid. Kapatid means sibling in Tagalog and it is a small business run by three Filipino sisters. They were very sweet and gave me two large vegetarian egg rolls to sample and  I bought a huge cup of their fresh spinach/cucumber/mint/lime juice. If you would like to buy some of their Filipino cuisine or would like to inquire about their menu shoot them an email at Not only do they offer an impressive selection of fruit and vegetable juices, they are also very reasonably priced. I would say about half the price of a juice place like Jamba Juice for a more generous amount.

kapatid's to goAfter I finished stuffing my face with organic and vegan delights, I began to peruse and swiftly purchase some unique pieces of handmade jewelry.

north hollywood farmer's marketMy first purchase was at a stand that caught my eye due to the tagline on their banner which read “Recycling with style”. I chatted briefly with the talented and socially conscious designer of the jewelry, Anabel Web and she told me a little bit about the collection. She named the collection Tabz after the soda can tabs that she incorporates in to each piece. She also uses tabs from other canned goods such as cat food etc. Anabel also works with a pet clothing and accessories business based in downtown LA called The Happy Puppy Store.

north hollywood farmer's marketI took home this bracelet.

north hollywood farmer's marketThe other piece of jewelry I got at the Farmer’s Market  was a necklace with a small charm carved out of wood in the shape of the U.S.A. My boyfriend is a very patriotic person and likes the display the American Flag at any opportunity so I thought that this particular piece was  perfect for him. It conveys the same message but in a unique way.farmer's marketI think it suits him.

I bought the necklace from Mad Fashion Vintage. Their jewelry designs are quirky and fashionable as are the clothing pieces they had for sale.

north hollywood farmer's marketfarmer's market north hollywoodnorth hollywood farmer's market mad fashion vintageAbove, owner and operator of Mad Fashion Vintage.

North Hollywood Farmer’s Market

5200 Bakman
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Ph: (818) 314-1312

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