How to Wear the Nautical Look like Gwen Stefani

how to dress like gwen stefaniClockwise from top left: Gwen Stefanisea siren top in red (Sold Out but there is a waiting list that you can join here.) from Pinup Girl Clothing, Gwen Stefani, Nautical Striped Top from J. Crew, Anchor Ring from Animal Charms on Store Envy, Sweetheart Pilot Top from Steady Clothing and Gavin Rossdale, Navy Skater Skirt from Forever 21 and Vintage Gwen Stefani.

gwen stefaniIf anyone can pull off the nautical look  it’s Gwen Stefani. She has been wearing the timeless sailor inspired trend since she first came on the scene. It’s no surprise that she has had time to perfect the look. (Note the nautical striped bikini top she is wearing in the throwback pic on the bottom left.)

What’s great about the nautical look is that it is very versatile and timeless. It can be styled preppy, punk, or rockabilly. Gwen leans more to the punk/rockabilly version of the trend than the preppy version because…well…that’s just Gwen.

nauticalHere are some basic rules for building a perfect nautical inspired outfit:

  1. Stick to a mainly red, white and blue color palette.
  2.  Striped anything works, as long as they are THIN HORIZONTAL stripes. Tiny polka dot prints also work.
  3. If you are going to accessorize, look for pieces that have anchors, boats, steering wheels, seagulls, mermaids, or any other sea creatures real or imaginary as a theme or accent.
  4. For your feet, one word: ESPADRILLES.
  5. If you don’t have time/desire to hunt down separates, but still want to give the nautical trend a try, look for all or some of the above characteristics in one dress.

Here are two ways I wore the nautical trend.  The first is a preppy version of the look, and the second  has a more rockabilly influence.nautical trendTop: Wet Seal

Cardigan: Fashion Q

Skirt: Gap

Platform Sandals: Shiloh Shoes and Accessories

sailor swing dress red(With my younger sister Ofelia on her Birthday last week, I’m wearing the Sailor Swing Dress in Red from Pinup Girl Clothing. The bag is vintage. (I think my second look is closer to how Gwen would wear Nautical.) This dress is also available in Navy and one of Pinup Girl‘s more affordable frocks.

I kept my accessories very minimal opting for only a pearl necklace in the first outfit, and a vintage bag for the second. I would prefer to wear more jewelry but I am always in a hurry so accessorizing is not always possible.

Here are some unique nautical inspired accessories from indie sellers for you gals with excellent time management skills.

nautical accessoriesLittle Mermaid Gauges from Castle Couture

Odysseus Octopus Earcuff from MiraMarc.collection

Mermaid Locket from Sea Siren Beauty

Gwen, always the trend setter wore anchors before they became an ubiquitous nautical staple. Here are some cute anchor accented pieces from some other indie sellers. (Note Gwen’s anchor beret and belt.)

gwen stefani rockabillyClockwise from top right:

Anchor Ring in Gold from Getsweethj

Rhinestone Anchor Earrings from La Posh Chic Boutique (These cost $4.50!!!)

Double Duo Finger Anchor Ring from animal charms



  1. oh i love sailor style it´s one of my all-time favorites and i will never get tired of it;) you look dropdead gorgeous in that red dress. wooow. and i love the hair of gwen. i want the same haircolour one day;)
    oh yes it definitely would be to much fun to play dress up together;)
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  2. That red sailor dress is gorgeous, perfect for summer outings! You might also like the captain dress from tatyana boutique, its more of a sailor uniform style but its gorgeous!

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