From Inner Glamazon to Karmic Vintage

Audrey Hepburn: Vintage Style Icon & Humanitarian
innerglamazon karmic vintage audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn: Vintage Style Icon & Humanitarian

I wanted to share with you all why I changed the name of the blog to Inner Glamazon to Karmic Vintage. The reason I loved the name Inner Glamazon is because it describes how I think a woman should be; strong like an amazon and still glamorous and pulled together. The “inner” part reflects the idea that possessing inner strength and poise is what counts. But there’s a lot more that that this blog represents, and Inner Glamazon just doesn’t get those things across.

Karmic Vintage however is more specific to what this blog is maturing in to. This short description from Karmic Vintage’s Facebook Page says it all I think:

A blog that promotes budget friendly beauty and fashion, vintage style, up and coming artists and taste makers, and volunteer work to help those in need.

And speaking of volunteer work, if you are going to be in the Southern California area and would like to join Karmic Vintage’s volunteer efforts send an email to

Karen Rivera HairstylistNot too long ago I interviewed Karen RIvera, a hairstylist that can cut the cleanest, most perfect Bettie Page Bangs around. Expect to see more posts like this from now on. I ‘ll leave you with some behind the scenes images of an upcoming project that Karmic Vintage has in store. Karen styled all of the hair in these images. (Except for Wanda’s lol)

Karen Rivera Hair Stylist


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