OOTD: May Max Bargains

May Max

American Apparel Viscose T-Shirt
May Max Shorts Shiloh Accessories Wedges
Not sure where the rasta sweatband came from but I love throwing it on when I’m wearing a lot of dark colors or monochrome looks.
As for the sunglasses..I went out with my friends Hilda and Brenda for drinks at Tiki No to celebrate Brenda’s birthday and when I left I accidentally took Hilda’s sunnies! Sorry Hilda!

These shorts are from May Max. It’s a small boutique that sells affordable nasty gal -trendy-clubbing inspired clothing and it’s located in North Hollywood, California. They also have an online website but what’s listed on it does not even come close to representing the cuteness overload you will experience when you visit their brick and mortar store. Check out this adorable sideways cross necklace I got there for $8.00!

May Max FashionThey had a gold version too and I wanted both but it was not in my budget the day I visited the store and first saw them there. By the time I was able to return to the store with a little cash to burn the gold one was sold out! I consider it a blessing and a curse however, because I would like to learn how  to exhibit even more self control than I have been lately but I did feel a little pain in my soul when I only saw silver ones hanging from the display. (What can I say I’m a sensitive soul.)

If you live reasonably close to North Hollywood the shopping center that May Max is located in is a bargain hunter’s dream! Right next to May Max is May Max Plus (it’s plus size counterpart if you couldn’t guess from the name) and on the other side is Shiloh Accessories.

The wedges I’m wearing are from Shiloh Shoes & Accessories, where they currently having a buy two pairs for $20.00  sale. That’s right adorable shoes for $10.00 a pop! The quality is also better than you would expect for such deeply discounted footwear. Recently I took advantage of this sale which is where these wedges I’m wearing in the first pic came from along with a pair of gorgeous red strappy platforms that my friend Christine wore in a recent post.

Aside from bargain clothing stores this shopping center boasts a Superior Supermarket that has  great deals on Wednesdays, I get a lot of my produce there when I don’t have the budget to buy organic. There is also a Zumba Center, a Little Caesar’s Pizza, a barber shop, chinese food restaurant, 2 discount stores, Burger King and an Armenian grocery store. In the evening several Taco Trucks park on Lankershim (the street this shopping center is located on) that offer a decent variety of mexican dishes.

Here is the address to the Shopping Center:

6140 Lankershim Blvd  North Hollywood, California 91606

If you live in the valley or are a tourist in Southern California on a budget, I highly suggest you check out this mecca of savings.

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  1. malibu tiki dress is my L-O-V-e …..if someday you will sell the one of the two dress …here’s the first i will take it!!!!!!

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