jovovich hawk for targetAnytime I am feeling insecure about my figure and am in the throes of one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear-meltdowns that we fashion loving ladies tend to experience from time to time I put this dress on and immediately feel more confident.

jovovich-hawk for target dressIt can be difficult to pull off a billowy short dress sometimes but the strong shoulders and cream embroidery that frames the neckline on this one gives it structure while maintaining the loose feel of the design without swallowing up your frame in fabric.

The label is Jovovich-Hawk, named after the two founders of the clothing line; Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk. Like many designers in the last few years they designed a small collection for Target. The collection is very modern hippie or what some may call boho-chic and all of the pieces from the Target line as well as their non-target collection are timeless. Sadly Jovovich-Hawk ceased operations in 2008 after only a 5 year run.  The good news is that this hippie dress and other Jovovich-Hawk for Target pieces are currently on sale on e-bay.

jovovich-hawk for target

jovovich-hawk for target

Here’s some trivia on Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk:

They are both former models and both dated members of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, before they started designing together. You can read more about it in Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography, Scar Tissue. It’s a great book by the way, full of insights in to his love life, upbringing and inspiration for the band’s music. It’s also great if you are interested in the history and origins of the band.

Here is a pic  Jovovich with John Frusciante back when they were dating (this man is one of my heroes and an extremely talented individual if you don’t believe me listen to this). Lucky Milla, she got to date John and she has amazing fashion sense sighhh… milla jovovich john fruscianteHawk dated Anthony Kiedis, I wasn’t able to find a picture of them together but I did find some of her and Jovovich that I thought were lovely.


jovovich-hawkjovovich-hawk for target

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OOTD: Jovovich-Hawk for Target Hippie Dress



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