OOTD: The Clash and Career Opportunities……..

the clash carreer opportunitiesI love my friend Christine’s personal style. She leans towards dark colors and casual gear and  always looks incredibly polished. I also love that her fashion tastes are influenced by music. I’ve been the same way since I first started discovering fashion and I love seeing other people’s fashion tastes influenced by, not just music but any type of artistic expression.

christine martinez the clash karmic vintage

shiloh shoes and accessories north hollywoodshiloh shoes and accessories north hollywoodChristine is going to become a regular fixture on this blog from now on. She is going to contribute posts about the local culture and various artsy-fartsy happenings in Southern California. We are also going to start to work on some charity projects soon and I would love to involve other bloggers. More on that later but if you are in to charity and would like to be involved send me an email at karmicvintagegirl@gmail.com.

christine martinez karmic vintage

When I saw her in this Clash tee yesterday I got this song stuck in my head all evening yesterday and all day today. I didn’t mind though it always gets me pumped when I’m jogging.

Karmic Vintage Charity

Clash T-Shirt: Red Zone

Jeans: Old Navy Old Navy Rock Star Jeans  According to Christine “They fit all forms really nicely”.

Shoes: $10.00 at Shiloh Shoes and Accesories



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