Micheline Pitt’s Modern Pin Up Makeup and Hair DVD Release Party

Micheline Pitt DVD

I am now convinced that Pinup Girl Clothing is not just a retail store but it is a community. Since opening the brick and mortar counterpart to the Pinup Girl Clothing website in Burbank last summer, there has been no end to the various events that they have hosted there. From their grand opening to the monthly Ladies’ Night Out in the summer, various pop-up sales, and my personal favorite the yearly yard sale. Pin Up Girl Clothing is truly not just a business but a community that brings various creative types together. Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog post, Micheline Pitt’s Modern Pin Up Makeup and Hair DVD release party.

Pinup Girl Clothing burbank


For those of you who don’t know who Micheline Pitt is I’ll give you a quick run down. She is in essence, the ultimate “creative type”. She is the  designer for the Deadly Dames clothing line, an artist, a costume designer (you should have sen her Poison Ivy costume from last Halloween rawr!) and a hair dresser and make up artist! I’m sure there are many more things she can do but that’s all I am familiar with!

So now that you know a little bit about Micheline let’s talk about this DVD or rather DVDs. The Modern Pinup Makeup and Hair DVD is actually a 3 part set. It covers hair and makeup techniques from the 30s-60s and only costs $30.00. It also features the music of the Rhythm Shakers and The Delta Bombers. Another great feature? It includes an insert with all of the relevant information regarding the products and brushes she uses. This information is also available on Micheline Pitt’s website.

The release party itself was a typical event at The Pinup Girl Boutique. Women of all shapes and backgrounds trying on clothes, buying clothes, Micheline’s DVD and other products as a band played live. Before the band played however, Micheline did a makeup demonstration which I missed. Some of the models from the hair and make-up  The band that played are called the Rhythm Shakers. The same ones that were features on the DVD. Before the release party I had never heard of them but I’m so glad they performed because their lead singer, Marlene Perez has an incredibly soulful voice as well as tons of charisma. Needless to say they have a new fan.

Marlene Perez

Marlene Perez Rhythm Shakers


When I wasn’t taking pictures of the band I snapped as many pics I could of the lovely attendees. Men were present as well but it was mostly a ladies’ night. Earlier I mentioned that I have met many creative women since I started attending Pinup Girl events. Aside from Marlene, below are pictures and brief descriptions of four other creative ladies I was fortunate enough to meet.

Niccole Saccone (left) and Tamera Von Tart.

Nicole Saccone Tamara Von TartNicole runs a hair accessory shop on Etsy called Niccoco Creations. In the photographs I’ve posted here she is wearing The Leilani. I plan on ordering a few things from her shop soon. When I do I’ll make sure to post a review.

niccoco creations

Tamera Von Tart, who I met at the same time I met Niccole, also runs a shop on Etsy. She has a jewelry line called Tart and sells her pieces on her shop as well as vintage home decor. Tamera is also a model and has a Youtube channel. Check out her tutorial on how to tie a hair scarf.

Tamera was wearing these amazing vintage earrings and a necklace she made herself out of vintage and modern pieces.

tamera von tart

After I chatted with Nicole and Tamera I had the pleasure to meet Jenny Eloise Rieu. Jenny Eloise Rieu is an immensely talented Parisian who was classically trained in Opera (I’m a huge Opera lover so learning this little fact about her was the icing on the cake for me) and hosted a television show in France. She is currently working here in Los Angeles as a singer, but she sings Cabaret not Opera. Her version of La Vie En Rose is incredible check it out on Youtube. She also happens to have an amazing sense of style. Check out these gorgeous pics of her, that hat and bag are timeless. She pulls them off so well doesn’t she?

eloise rieu the lady in red

eloise rieu eloise rieu

eloise rieu

Jenny Eloise Rieu and Marlene Perez were not the only singers that popped up on my radar that night. I also met another young singer named Tasneem Alam. Tasneem is not only a singer but a guitarist, songwriter and dancer as well. Her music is rock and roll pop influenced. Her lyrics are quite spiritual. Like Jenny, she is also very fashionable. Here’s Tasneem wearing Pinup Girl Clothing’s Tie Me Up Dress which is currently sold out.

Tasneem Alam

Tie Me Up Dress Pinup Girl Clothing

I have so many more pictures of this event and I will share them with you in the future. I hope that I have given people a sense of the type of community Pinup Girl is a part of and has helped create around their designs as well as their collaborators and myriad talented fans. If you live in or are visiting Southern California take a minute to like the Pinup Girl Clothing Facebook page as they are always updating it with news about future events and special sales and discounts they offer from time to time.



  1. Seeing posts like yours makes me wish we had more of the culture exposure here in Arizona. Being a native New Yorker, that is what I miss most. This Pinup Girl community is fabulous and I’m so envious that you are surrounded by such fabulously creative ladies. Great post!

    XOXO Nensi

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