Top Three of The Week: Vegetarian Shoes, DIY Parasol and More Chanel!

Last week I decided that I would share my top three favorite blog posts on a weekly basis with all of you. Here are my top three from last week. They include a report from Where Fashion Dares on a brand of shoe that is new to me, Vegetarian Shoes. I also entered in a Chanel Necklace giveaway from Peace Love Shea. My third favorite post is a DIY parasol from

(Once you have seen all three take a moment to vote for your favorite one!)

My favorite of the three is definitely the post from Where Fashion Dares on Vegetarian Shoes. I read on the Vegetarian Shoes website that the person who founded the brand Robin Webb, founded the company after he left art school. He began by making the shoes by hand out if synthetic materials as he lives a cruelty free lifestyle. He no longer makes the shoes by hand but they are still cruelty free. Check out various styles on the Vegetarian Shoes website. The vegetarian creepers caught my eye….


Last week I posted about this adorable pair of Chanel Espadrilles that I saw on Sincerely Jules. This week Peace Love Shea is hosting a Chanel Necklace giveaway! The giveaway will be over in 8 days so head over to her Peace Love Shea’s blog and enter. In the event that you do not win however, she is also selling some of her vintage Chanel pieces. There is more info on that on the giveaway post.

Chanel Necklace

Here is the last but not least of the top three. Like last time it ends with a DIY. This one is from Skirting The Issue. It’s a DIY Parasol tutorial for all of you vintage lovers out there.

how to make a parasol

I hope you guys enjoy the top three as much as I did. Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the begging of the post!



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