Leopard Print Librarian


This outfit is from Wednesday. I work at a start up so I don’t really have a dress code. I love to dress up though so I almost always wear either a skirt or a dress to work. Most of the outfits I wear to work are borderline work appropriate but every now and then I dress pretty conservatively (or what passes for conservative in my book) just to switch it up.


The leopard print camisole is vintage and I have had it so long that I do not remember where I bought it or if it was given to me. The skirt is from Target (via the Goodwill) and this brown cardigan is BCBG. It was a hand me down from my younger sister. (Hand me up?)

Here is a not-so-conservative way to rock leopard print.

Double Wrap Stud Belt

This double wrap stud belt is one of my favorites. Its was less than $10.00 at Forever 21. I bought it about 3 years ago and I’m surprised it stood the test of time considering where I bought it! I love studs, spikes and metal embellishments period so I’m really glad this belt has hung in there.

Check out some other outfits where I have accessorized with spikes and studs.

Check out this cool spike bag from Urban Outfitters.

And these nude Michael Kors pyramid stud pumps.

double wrap belt with studs

Leopard Print

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