OOTD: Geometric Print Dress from Banana Republic

innerglamazon elkee sandoval geometric print dress banana republic fashion blogger

I love this geometric print dress so much I never want to take it off! I got it last year even though it did not zip at the time but thanks to my new and improved healthy eating habits it now fits like a glove! Or as my mother would say “Como anillo al dedo”. In English that means like a ring to the finger, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “fits like a glove” when translated but just go with it.

Speaking of my new found health kick here are a few recipes I have posted that are easy on the lips and the hips.

Healthy-ish Chocolate Chip Muffins Rich in Omega 3s

Spicy Veggie Sandwich YUM!

geometric print dress banana republic elkee sandoval innerglamazon

This dress incorporates three things that I love in a garment. Geometric print, pockets, and an empire waist. I can be a pretty awkward person so having somewhere to put my hands is a godsend. The empire waist is pretty flattering on my body type as it hugs my curves and disguises my belly without swallowing me up in fabric!

banana republic geometric print dress with pockets innerglamazon

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  1. Love this dress, as well as your bangs! By the way, congrats on the dress fitting, and thanks for the recipes- the sandwich looks delicious.

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