Recipe: Spicy Vegetarian Sandwich

Spicy Vegan Sandwich Elkee Sandoval Innerglamazon

For the last year I have been eating much healthier than I have ever done in my entire life and the pay off has been great. My skin has cleared up and my weight does not fluctuate as much and to the extremes that it used to. I’m also much more energetic and my mind seems sharper as well. All I did was change my diet so that it became 70% vegetables and 30% everything else. I also avoid bread most of the time unless it is Ezequiel bread because it has no flour and I stopped eating meat about a year ago. I would like to eventually become a vegan but for now I am a vegetarian that eats fish.

I wanted to share this recipe with people because of how quick and easy it is. I always hear people say that one of the main reasons that they do not eat healthy food is because preparation is too time consuming. I guarantee you this recipe is anything but.


2 Slices of Bread (Ezequiel bread if you are a vegan)

(I use Ezequiel bread, which is flour less and vegan for almost all sandwiches I make but this bread is so tasty I had to use it. It was also a gift from my neighbor and I rarely look a gift horse in the mouth.)

Hummus Whatever Brand you like I used Spicy Red Lentil Hummus form Eat Well Enjoy Life. I picked this brand because of the flavor and because some of the ingredients (maybe all?) are GMO free.

Cheese I used Follow Your Heart Brand Mozzarella Cheese. It’s vegan, GMO free and delicious!

Baby Arugula

Baby Spinach

1 Chile Serrano


Toast your bread. Once it’s toasted spread the hummus on both sides. Wash your greens and put them on one slice of the bread. Slice your cheese and add that on top of the other slice of bread. Lastly slice up your chile serrano and add it to the sandwich. If you are not used to spicy foods I recommend only a couple of very thin slices not like the thick ones in my sandwich they will bring you to tears.


Easy recipe right? I truly hope it inspires people to eat healthy. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog every one!



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