DIY: Rihanna’s Fishnet Bycicle Shorts

rihanna hackney fishnet bycicle shorts diy elkee sandoval innerglamazon

This post was originally inspired by Rihanna‘s fishnet bicycle shorts that she wore to perform at Radio 1s Hackney Weekend last year. I searched online on a few different occasions to get a pair for myself but was unable to find any. I almost forgot about them until yesterday when one of I saw one of my favorite bloggers Marija Filipova form The Black Cape wearing a slight variation of Rihanna‘s look including a fabulous leather jacket.


Seeing how gorgeous Marija looked in the pics I resurrected my quest to find a pair of fishnet bicycle shorts. Once again I was unable to find a pair but lucky for me I stumbled on two fashion blogs that had tutorials on how to make your own pair! Thank you so much Frankie from Even Though I’m Skint and Kate from This Is What I Do for posting these DIYs. Below you can see how my own DIY effort turned out.DSC_0320


The process was very simple. I took an old pair of fishnet stockings (leggings work too) and I cut them straight across at my desired length. It’s best to lay them on something flat when you are cutting it helps keep the cut straight.


Here is what Frankie’s DIY looked like. Love her styling!


Here is a pic from Kate’s DIY.


Here are some more of mine.

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 1.38.05 AM


Thanks again Frankie, Kate and Marija for inspiring today’s post. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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  1. Oh thanks :D! so glad u liked it :D! On my pics I’ve actually just cut of a pair of normal tights, fishnets are way cooler, so u can always just buy a pair of tights and cut em off 😉 did u see her on hackney weekend btw?:D xx

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