OOTD: Paisley Persuasion

ootd march 25 2013

This dress is thrifted I don’t know the brand but it was only $8.99. Hooray for the Goodwill! The oxblood spike bag is from Urban Outfitters and was a gift from my good friend Christine. The sunglasses were $5.00 at the LA Fashion District .The green patent leather peep toe pumps are Michael Antonio and cost me less than $5.00 at a thrift store in North Hollywood called 2nd Time Around. (I honestly think that is one of the cutest names for a thrift store I have ever heard.) These shoes were such a great score. They were dirt cheap and brand new; still in the box with no signs of wear. Another cool thing about 2nd Time Around is that they are located next to a Dollar Tree and one of my favorite budget clothing stores in the valley May Max Fashion. Savings in triplicate? Yes please!



ootd march 24 2 2013

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  1. Beautiful dress! Paisley is such an engagingly wonderful pattern! I actually just posted about my love of this classic swirled earlier this month. It’s harder to find in pre-1960s garements for 40s/50s wearing gals like me, but not impossible and I always enjoy the hunt of looking for new paisley pieces.

    ♥ Jessica

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