OOTD: Rasta Jacket and Garter Tights


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Here’s an outfit I wore a few weekends ago.

Outfit Details:

The skirt is thrifted, the brand is H&M. The suspender tights are from a brand called Music LegsThey cost about $12.50. I bought them at 69 Adult Toys, a sex shop in Sherman Oaks. They have quite a few cute styles at reasonable prices. I was really excited about this purchase because I have been looking for an affordable pair of suspender tights for a long time. I first saw them in Rihanna’s we found Love Video.

Rihanna We Found

I searched all over the internet for a pair ever since I saw that video but the only ones I would find were either too expensive or they did not ship to the States. The style that is really popular right now is made by House of Holland but at $34.00 a pair they are too expensive for my budget.

Rihanna HOH

If you are like me and live in the San Fernando Valley, are on a limited budget and want to try this trend I recommend visiting 69 Adult Toys in Sherman Oaks.



Speaking of things that I have been coveting for a long time……behold! My first pair of wedge heeled sneakers!


I say first pair because I would like to own them in at least 5 different colors/styles. I remember seeing them in a fashion magazine around the time the We Found Love video came out but again, budgetary concerns kept me from purchasing a pair of my own. Thanks to the Garment District however, those concerns are a thing of the past as these sneakers only cost $35.00! That’s less than what a pair of HOH suspender tights cost if you factor in taxes. Bargain! The lady that I bought them from has a shop in the garment district in Los Angeles (where I bought my pair) as well as an e-bay shop. Click here to get to her e-bay shop. The brand of the shoes is Wild Diva I love that these shoes are colorful but not too gaudy. Well that’s my opinion anyway others might disagree. I also love the way the green and orange stripes look against the brown. It’s a great color combination.Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 8.57.47 PM

The rasta jacket is really more of a windbreaker. The brand is Dubwise. See more of their clothes here.  It is very light weight and has an attached hood that folds up and can be zipped inside a pocket located on the collar of the windbreaker. I bought it for $50.00 at the Virgin Megastore on Hollywood and Highland.



Like the sneakers and the tights, I lusted after this jacket for a long time before I bought it. It was $50.00 originally and I waited for months and months for it to go on sale but it never happened. I caved in and bought it full price when I stopped by the store to see if they had any left and saw there were only two. The purchase was totally worth it though. It is one of my favorite clothing items. I never get sick of wearing it. When I first laid eyes on the wedge sneakers the first thing that came to mind was pairing it with this jacket.


The earrings are also from the Garment District. They came from a random little shop where they sell beads, pearls and other materials to make your own jewelry. They cost less than a dollar and I definitely got what I paid for. I only wore them 3 times before one of them broke. Maybe I’ll try to wear the other one as a bracelet.

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 8.57.39 PM


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