OOTD: Green,Yellow and Black Harajuku Lovers

ImageI love this Harajuku Lovers track jacket so much I have two of them! The other one is red/black/white and I also own the matching bottoms. I don’t have matching bottoms to the one I am wearing in the picture, unfortunately.


My boyfriend and I walked our my dogs around out neighborhood for almost an hour today. The Poodle’s name is Harlen and the Chihuahua is named Holly. I got Holly from the shelter and Harlan was a stray. Sadly they were only  slightly cooperative as I took these pictures.


I paired my track jacket with a black sweater dress, bright green bandana and a pair of Sam Edelman sandals I got at a boutique in studio city called Lush. They had been marked down twice and and were on clearance. I paid $20.00 for them. Score!

ootd jan 18 2012 shoes 3

I thought the pearls would look nice against the black and I wanted to wear earrings today since I did my hair up. I didn’t, however want to over do it on the pearls for such a casual outfit so I chose these round red and silver button looking earrings that my friend Hilda gave me.


Thank you everyone for stopping by and checking out my blog! Have a fun and safe weekend!!!



  1. I admire your individuality! A sweet message to say thank you for following my blog,means a lot to me! Take care.

  2. This is such a unique outfit! I have never seen wear anyone wear a track jacket this way before. Come to think of it the designer of the jacket Gwen Stefani would pull something off like this.

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