OOTD: Rock Star Shearling


(George Harrison wearing an embroidered suede and shearling jacket photo courtesy of this blog)

The most constant influence throughout my life as far as fashion is concerned has been music. In high school I scoured thrift stores to find vintage pieces from the 60’s that I could wear with tight jeans and ankle boots. My goal was to dress like the female Jim Morrison.


I loved the Doors back then they were my favorite band (still do, still are). I was also a fan of Cream, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who..etc. All top notch musicians with impeccable fashion sense.

When my boyfriend’s sister gave me a suede and shearling jacket the other day that she had never worn, I immediately started racking my brain for suitable items that I could match it with. I have seen so many pictures and video footage of some of the aforementioned rock stars in shearling jackets over the years so I was very eager to pay them all homage.

Eric Clapton with his Cream bandmates, busting out a sexy pose in a shearling coat.


Clapton really loved his shearling coat. Here he is (below) wearing it again while taking a cigarette break with the rest of Cream and the Bee Gees. Looks like one of the Bee Gees was a fan of shearling as well 🙂

Bee Gees & The Cream 1

Ginger Baker in shearling. Who cut the cheese?


Shearling jackets, fur jackets in general can be bulky so I decided that everything I paired the jacked with should be streamlined and black to slim me down a bit and offset the bulkiness. If I owned a pair of leather/faux leather pants I would have worn them with the jacket, however I do own black leggings with  faux leather panels so I picked those and threw on a sleeveless black t-shirt with a pirate skull emblazoned on the front, some pyramid studded leather sandals, aviator sunglasses ( a nod to Jim Morrison) and a gold ribbon (left over from a Christmas gift) for a touch of femininity and my wannabe rock star look was complete.

ootd jan 2 2013 7

ootd jan 2 2013 6


ootd jan 2 2013 shoes

Suede and Shearling jacket: Wilson’s Leather

Pyramid Stud Heeled Sandals: Steve Madden

T-Shirt: Zapata Wear

Faux Leather Panel Leggings: Fashion Q

Aviator Sunglasses: Promotional gift from Marlboro (random I know)

ootd jan 2 2013 9


Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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