Outfit Of The Day: Lace, Chiffon & Combat Boots


I love this lace and chiffon dress so much I have it in three colors, Lilac, Peach & Nude. I bought them at American Apparel. Here is a link if you are interested in getting it for yourself. They have it in black as well. I’ts sheer so wear a slip (or not).  I paired it with combat boots since it is raining a bit and I walk to work. I have a nude slip underneath that I got at a thrift store $4.00. The boots are from Naturalizer a gift from my younger sister Ofelia. She also bought a pair for my mom. What a sweetie! Love you sis! This was over 3 years ago though so good luck finding a pair.  My lipstick is Afghan Red by Nars. My mom bought it for herself but quickly grew bored of  the color so she gave it to me. Luckily neither of my two younger sisters wear lipstick so I usually get her cast-offs. Thank goodness for that because Nars is expensive!



I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. I’m hitting up the House of Blues tonight with my BF. Armored Saint is playing. I’ll post pics of my outfit for the show tomorrow. I’m going for an Effy Stonem look.



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