Effy Stonem Favorite Looks From Series 3

A few years back I was hangin’ in my  apartment on a lazy Saturday, sipping some cheap Pinot Grigio and flipping through the channels. I settled on BBC America just as the 1st episode of Skins series 3 came on. Actually, it was the beginning of a marathon of Series 3 and that Saturday I became a slighlty innebriated Skins aficionado.

Skins did not dissapoint and I immediately fell in love with Effy Stonem’s  (played by Kaya Scodelario) punk rock/new wave style.

I have been wanting to put together a quick  list of my favorite looks from Series 3 for quite some time now and there’s no time like the present!

This is what she wore in the first episode on her first day of the British equivalent of high school. In this episode she disses some wannabee, makes 3 guys fall in lust with her and then she smokes some ganja and nails one of the three aforesaid horndogs the nurses office. EPIC.

Gray babydoll dress, fishnets and a whole lot of costume jewelry. Don’t hurt em’ Effy!

No one rocks a Sid and Nancy T-shirt quite like Ms Stonem. The ripped jeans and chucks (I think those are Chucks) round out the look. I have been wanting an outfit like this for ages but instead of Sid and Nancy, my T-shirt would have an image of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson. See below:

Damn he’s fine!

Ok back to Effy….

Looks to me like she could have given a young Madonna a run for her money back in the day.

So far we have seen Effy in a jailbait get up, some punk rock duds,  and channeling Madonna. Let’s keep that 70’s/80’s theme going…here she is in an outfit that gives me major New Wave vibes…

In this episode Effy and her best “mate” Pandora meet Thomas. A young immigrant from the Congo. The poor guy didn’t have a chance. A few hours with these two and he throws all morals and inhibitions out the window. He quickly becomes part of their crew and Pandora’s boyfriend.

I loooove this dress!! Sorry the picture quality is so bad but it is all I could find. I read somewhere that this dress is from Topshop. We don’t have those in Southern Cali 😦  Whaaaa! Those cap sleeves are  adorable. The cuff is too fab!

It was hard to find a head to toe picture of this next outfit. I have also read that this is from top shop (Grrr! come to L.A. Topshop please!!!!) She pairs it with some fishnets and looks amazing (duh). When I first sae this episode I started wearing oversized T-shirts with the arms cut off with miniskirts or leggings. A lot of people looked at me like WTF?! Shrug. When I find the perfect tee I’m gonna bust out my fishnets. Try and stop me….

This next outfit is from one of my favorite episodes. Effy and her crew head out to some camp ground called Gobbler’s End. The wannabee she spurned in the first episode is now dating her crush. Ouch! Karma is a you-know-what! He would have been with Effy but Effy being Effy played too many head games with the poor guy and he moved on (kind of). Double karma!

Anyway, at the campsite Effy finds some shrooms and passes them out out to the crew. Pretty soon everyone is monumentally wrecked and it is the start of a downward spiral for Effy. She finds out her BFF (Pandora) is sleeping with her f*@ck buddy (NOT Thomas btw, these girls are floozys! No judgement though we all like to get our freak on), she gets in to a cat fight with the wannabe over the guy Effy spurned, knocks her out cold then finds the guy they are fighting over and beds him while the other girl is laying unconscious in the forest somewhere. It was pretty intense. Effy is a very bad girl.

This is what Effy wore on her reign of terror.

This outfit is totally the opposite of how  I normally dress. Effy looks so disheveled here but sexy at the same time. Maybe that’s why I love this look so much. One day I would like to post my versions of all of the outfits Effy rocks in this post. The weather is just right for the last one.

I hope everyone liked my post! And if you happen to know what episode she wore the Madonna outfit please write it in the comments!



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