Review: Pinup Girl Clothing Annual Yard Sale

Pinup Girl Clothing  or (PUG) is hands down one of the best vintage-retro reproduction clothing lines/retailers  around. They get major points for their design, fit and quality fabrics.  As can be expected these things aren’t always obtainable without some creative budgeting but sometimes it’s worth the splurge. I don’t think I have ever spent less than $150.00 on just 1 item anytime I have shopped there. If you are not familiar with Pinup Girl check out their site.

This is why I couldn’t pass up PUG’s once a year yard sale that was held on September 29th. I had $200.00 to burn and was ready to get my hands on some deeply discounted items I have been craving but were just not in my budget at regular price.

The event was held at and catered by  Anoush Banquets and Catering – Le Foyer in North Hollywood. Doors were scheduled to open at 9:00 and by 8:00 am there was already a line. Once I made it inside the place I could see it was already a bit of a madhouse. Since I was one of the last people in line by the time I got inside many of the racks were all but bare and there were already scores of ladies in line for the dressing room or paying for their purchases. Many girls just tried on their finds anywhere they could.

Freshly stocked racks

Waiting for new merchandise to be taken out.

PUG employees unpack merchandise and prepare to restock the sales floor.

Aside from Pin Up Girl there were a few other companies at this event selling their much coveted marked down items. audrey k a nearby vintage store was also there and so was Heartbreaker Fashion, another awesome vintage-retro reproduction clothing line. There were also 2 full bars, and a band called the Teriyaki Orchestra that played on a small stage throughout most of the event. Shoppers were also treated to some pretty tasty catering.

For the first few hours, I poured through what was left on the racks but found nothing. A few weeks before the event, I bought the Lillian Dress in Melted Leopard Satin at the store.

As I paid for my dress one of the sales associates told me that the original Malibu Tiki Dress (now discontinued) which I have been wanting for years, would be available at the yard sale so that is what I was on the hunt for. Since I didn’t see it anywhere, and more clothes were going to be taken out later, I had time to take some pictures of the event and some of the lovely attendees.

This young lady came all the way from Orange County with a friend. I adored her hair and make-up.

Katherine was another sweet gal I met there. Her hair looked pretty cute too, way to pull off a snood!

When it became time to put out more clothes Micheline Pitt (a designer and model for PUG) had us line up in order of size in front of the racks and sort guided us three at a time (per size group) to select items. She wanted to make sure everyone had a fair chance to find something nice and urged ladies not to hang on to any items that they did not have any serious intentions of buying.

Instead of price tags with numbers, PUG items at the event were priced with different colored tags that stood for different prices.

After exerting as much self control as I could possibly muster, here’s what I ended up buying:

The Vamp Top in Tiger Print from Deadly Dames. I think I paid around $15.00-$20.00 for it. On the website it goes for $58.00. I wore it to work on my birthday with a pleated a-line type/circle skirt.

The bottom half of the Tiki 2pc Vintage Playsuit in Banana Print. $118.00 for the set. I believe I paid $20.00 for the shorts. I have these really cute green faux patent leather peep toe pumps I want to wear them with. I wish I could have found the top.

The upper half of the Tiki 2pc Vintage Playsuit in Black. I think I got this one for the same price as the shorts.

I think I may pair this top up with The Pencil Skirt In Ocean Blue.

This skirt was yellow tagged ($15.00) at the yard sale. It’s original price was $54.00 but it is currently on sale on the website for $36.00.

I also got a white version of the Marilyn swimsuit for $15.00. At east I think it’s the Marilyn swimsuit in white, I couldn’t find it on the PUG website.

Last but not least and my most exciting purchase, the Original Malibu Tiki Dress! They make a new and improved version but it is not a halter top and I am a total sucker for a halter top! I was very fortunate to find two of these. I got an (L) and an (XL) it’s all I was able to find. Lucky for me the large fit perfectly, the extra large I’m going to have altered. I think I paid 50.00 for the extra large and $60.00 for the large I don’t quite remember.

I really enjoyed this event and am already thinking about budgeting for next year’s yard sale. PUG is very good about having the occasional flash sale or having pop up yard sales at their store or online. Follow them on Facebook and they will keep you updated on these events and other opportunities to save on their gorgeous retro fashion.



  1. “Review: Pin Up Girl (PUG) Boutique Annual Yard Sale | INNERGLAMAZON” ended up being a remarkable article.
    In case it included alot more pics this would certainly be possibly even far better.
    Take care ,Margaret

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