Age Of Innocence

Vintage Shopping


I have been wanting some sparkly vintage earrings for a while now and thanks to Age of Innocence I now have three pairs. My boyfriend wanted to do something special for me  so we went vintage shopping at Age of Innocence in Burbank. I got a one shouldered dress there with back polka dots and a pair of gorgeous pink glass earrings. A week later I picked up a pair of blue glass earrings and a pair of amber ones that I put on layaway. Their prices are reasonable and the sales girl is super friendly and helpful. I was going to see The Red Hot Chilli Peppers that night and I needed to print the tickets and so she let me use her printer 🙂   Check out their facebook page Age Of Innocence Facebook PAge


Here are the earrings. They are clip-ons and hurt but they are totally worth it. I can’t decide which ones I like most….swoon!






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