Pinup Girl Boutique Grand Opening!!!

A few weeks ago I went to the grand opening of Pin Up Girl Boutique in Burbank which is not to far from my new apartment (Yaaay!!).  It was pretty cool, they had an open bar (wohoo!) and a live band. I wore a a one shouldered white dress with black polka dots, black pumps, pearl jewelery and a couple of white flowers in my hair.

Almost every girl there was not only dressed in pin up style but they had hair and make up to match. Speaking of Make Up, one of my favorite pin up make up artists and hair stylists Michelline Pitt was there. I didn’t know this until that night but Michelline designs Deadly Dames one of my favorite pin up clothing lines.

There were too many adorable dresses to count that the ladies at the event were parading around in but I have to say that my favorite hands down was a black peplum dress that a girl I met there was wearing the hell out of. It’s hard to tell from the pic but the print on the dress are pictures of  famous Monsters.

At the event  I kept complaining to anyone who would listen that Deadly Dames discontinued a dress that I was saving up foreeeeever to buy but never got a chance to.  It’s called The Malibu Tiki Dress. Well just a little while ago  I checked out and it looks like they have not only brought the dress back but improved on it as well! A side tie and a bolero jacket have now been incorporated in to the design giving the whole look an even more retro look than previously. The only thing I’m not too fond of is the color. The original had a similar print but in baby blue and they had a pink one as well. I still love it though and I think this time around I’m going to have to save up fast to purchase this new version before they discontinue it this one too!

Pin Up Girl Boutique is having another event on September 29th. A yard sale in Burbank. Discounted clothes, open bar, and a live band.  Admission is free 🙂 Click on the link for more details.


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