Photo Diary: All Girls Skate Session at Stoner Skate Park

A couple months ago I attended the inaugural session of Girls Skate LA. GSLA is a free monthly skate session for female skaters in Los Angeles. Girls of all ages and abilities are welcome and the purpose is to provide an environment where women can skate together, support each other and  progress, free from modern society’s judgements and conventions. The event is put together by Christiana Smith a female skater from Michigan. Below is part one of a photo diary I put together of the event.

I included some of these ladies’ Instagram links  and hope that some of you will follow them. I see women everywhere wearing sports jersey that advertise The Lakers, Dodgers,Cowboys etcetera, but rarely ever see women wearing sports jerseys for female teams. If we want to see women getting increasing opportunity in this world and truly smash the hell out of some glass ceilings it is time we start supporting each other more openly and more aggressively in all areas. Female skateboarders need that support more than anyone. Often times female skaters go to a skate park and are usually the only girl there. Some male skaters are supportive towards them but many do everything they can to make them feel uncomfortable. When I first started skating a very tall, heavyset male skater tried to push me off my skateboard (unsuccessfully) and I have heard and read about other types of harassment that occurs towards female skaters fairly regularly. Also the industry does not provide the type of financial opportunities to professional female skaters that they do to their male counterparts. Female skateboarders are now creating their own industry with companies like Meow Skateboards and Hoopla Skateboards at the forefront. Check out their websites and purchase their products. Non-skaters wear skate brand clothing all the time, why not wear gear from Meow Skateboards and Hoopla? Here are their websites if you want to check out their products and if you have any female relatives/friends that love skating or want to start, both of these companies sell high quality skateboard decks so check them out.




Clair Davis Transitional Skater from Santa Monica recently placed 1st and 2nd at Montclair, a local skateboard competition. She placed 1st and 2nd last year as well.


clair davis stoner skatepark skater girl

50 50 grind skater girl skata clair davis


clair davis skater girl.JPG

Maddie Collins  @maddiekillins

frontside boardslide skata skate feminino skatergirls

skate feminino skatista skata skatergirl

Christiana Smith, organizer of the event. @christianasmith

christianna smith female skaters skater girl


skatista female skateboarders stoner skate park

Emma Houle @emma.skates

skata skater girl 50 50 grind

skater girl stoner skate park skatergirl



skater girl manual skateboard skatista

how to ollie to manual skatergirl skatefeminino skatista


skatefeminino skatergirl style

female skaters skatergirls skatista

skater girl stoner skateplaza female skateboarder

how to drop in skate feminino skater girl skata

skater girl skatista stoner skate park .jpg

stoner skatepark skatista skatergirl

50 50 grind stoner skateplaza skater girl female skateboarders


how to ollie skatergirl skatista skate feminino

stoner skate park girls skate la



skatista skate feminino female skateboarders stoner skate park


skatefeminino skatergirl female skateboarders stoner skate plaza

how to manual skatergirl skate feminino female skateboarding

skatefeminino skate feminino skatista female skateboarders

skatergirl skatefeminino female skateboarders

skater girl skatista skate feminino girl skateboarders

meow skateboards skatergirl skatefeminino skatista

skaters stoner skate park skatergirlpark skatefeminino

There were also a few pro female skaters in attendance. Many of us were really excited to see them skate in person and I noticed some gals asking to take photos with them. I can’t speak for everyone else but seeing them there was very inspiring.

Amy Caron  Meow Skateboards @amycaron

amy caron professional female skateboarder

Lacey Baker Meow Skateboards Lacey has competed in the X Games multiple times. She has won 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze.



Savannah Headden Meow Skateboards @savheadden


Speaking of pro skateboarders, legendary skateboarder Andrew Reynolds brought his daughter Stella to the session.

andrew reynolds and daughter stella

stella reynolds andrew reynolds daughter

For updates on the next event follow @girlsskatela or email

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Outfit of the Day: Calvin Klein Watercolor Floral Print Dress

calvin klein floral print watercolor dress 1

I got this gorgeous Calvin Klein Watercolor Floral Print Dress at a thrift store about three years ago. Like much of my wardrobe this colorful item is from the Goodwill. Most dresses at California Goodwills go for $8.00-$10.00. This one was $14.99 and worth every penny. It has a lining, pockets, is exquisitely tailored and made of very strong material that feels almost like denim but I think it may be canvas or muslin.

calvin klein dress watercolor floral print

The shoes are Michael Kors and I have also had them for a few years. They were a Christmas gift from my mom. They match with almost every outfit I own and are surprisingly pretty comfortable for a pair of pointy toe 4 1/2inch heels.

Stud Embellished Patent Leather Pumps


floral calvin klein dress 1

elkee sandoval watercolor floral print calvin klein dress

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RECYCLED SOCKS: Making Green Affordable

fashion industry pollution

(Image via

Since childhood I have loved to jog, run and take long walks with or without my pooches. I have tons of energy and have an extremely difficult time focusing it so these activities help tire me out so my brain can work properly. (Or as properly as a weirdo like me can get it to work). These activities however come at a price, holey socks! No matter how good the quality of socks I buy I always end up with holes in them after 4 uses on average. Sadly I have no time for sock darning so I end up throwing them away once they are too shredded to serve their purpose.

holey socks emerica leo romero

Sadly, the fashion/textile industry is the second most wasteful and polluting industry in the world next to big oil! Because of *this I consume mostly second hand clothing. Socks however aren’t readily available at thrift stores. So I continue to purchase new socks with an icky feeling in my tummy knowing I am playing a part in **harming mother earth. To add to my dilemma, a little over a year ago I took up skateboarding. Anyone who skates or has a friend or loved one that skates frequently knows that shoes and socks have a very short life when used by skaters. I skate almost every single day and since I started attempting tricks my socks are now getting holes in them after two uses, and once in a while after just one use!

Earlier today I was researching tube socks and inadvertently found a solution to my problem; RECYCLED SOCKS! I was looking for cute tube socks and one of the sites I was checking out had a link to Recycled Socks is a company that sells socks made out of cotton which has been spun out of excess clippings from other cotton products. They focus on white socks and have two styles, crew and quarter length. Also, they have socks made specifically for men, women and kids in a diverse array of sizes.

recycled socks made in the usa

Recycled Socks‘s products are very affordable. They sell their socks in 5 packs that are $7.99 each, very affordable. I research recycled clothing quite a bit and I find that they tend to be either very overpriced or just not my style. Currently I am on an extremely fixed income but once my financial situation changes I will be buying my socks from them exclusively and will do a product review for the blog.

I encourage all of you to check out their site (click here) and if you decide to order something you can use their coupon code, ECOSAVE for 10% off. One last thing, these socks are made in the USA!

made in america recycled socks

*The negative impact on mother nature is not the only reason I wear second hand clothing. My mother is from Honduras and my father is from Mexico. The fashion industry’s sweatshops (maquiladoras) are extremely harmful to my people and I don’t feel comfortable supporting companies that exploit them.

**Again, the nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach is not just coming from the damage caused to Mother Earth, it also comes from knowing that in buying new socks or other garments I am supporting the exploitative practices of sweatshops world wide. I was very pleased to learn that Recycled Socks’s products are made in the USA.