29 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

honduran refugees protest




Institutionalized Racism

Climate Change 

Animal Abuse

Economic Oppression  

Poverty Crime  

Government Corruption

Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking

These are some of the things that are making life intolerable for the majority of the inhabitants of our planet. It has been this way for hundreds of years. These issues combined with the failure of the Trump Administration to address the Covid-19 pandemic in a competent way has woken up many Americans but not nearly enough.

Please see the list below for different options on how to do your part.


  1. If you see a woman or girl (cis or transgender) experiencing ANY TYPE of violence call 911 immediately.
  2. Donate to a battered women’s shelter using this link. https://www.domesticshelters.org/fundraisers/wish-lists
  3. If you are low on funds educate yourself on femicide and spread the knowledge on social media and/or verbally to your loved one and acquaintances. Start with these two articles about the alarming number of femicides in Turkey and Mexico.



4. Sign the petitions linked below. They are asking that the US Army be held accountable for Vanessa Guillen’s murder, Sandra Bland‘s case to be reopened and that Breonna Taylor‘s killers be brought to justice.

Vanessa Guillen Petition

Sandra Bland Petition

Breonna Taylor Petition

Also if you are thinking about posting or have already posted a black and white “challenge accepted” or “empowerment selfie” on social media please take a look at the article about femicide in Turkey. People have been participating in this challenge without bringing attention to its origin and it has caused major damage to a critical Turkish women’s  rights campaign sparked by the climbing rates of femicides in Turkey and the murder of  a young lady named Pinar Gültekin at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. Please make sure you include the origins of the challenge so that the world is made aware of the inhumane situation Turkish women are in.


5.    For the men: Stop objectifying women and read this this article on how to stop being a misogynist.

Blog: 5 ways to avoid being a misogynist

6. For the ladies: Support unproblematic female owned businesses by purchasing their products and/or spreading the word about their existence. Also, check out this article on internalized misogyny. Do you have it? Is it contagious? Can it be cured? Only one way to find out.

How I Learnt To Unlearn My Internalised Misogyny




7. Donate to a group that bails out Black Lives Matter protesters and provides them with resources for legal representation like the Portland Protest Bail Fund.


8. You can also donate to any of the organizations featured on the Act Blue website. They give you the opportunity to split your donation between 70 different community bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organizers.


9. If you are unable to donate share the two links above and start educating yourself more on institutionalized racism. My good friend Corvette Moore who has been fighting for racial justice and economic equity for most of her life suggested these in an Anti-Racism Book Club and Discussion Group on Facebook.

Me and White Supremacy          by Layla Saad

The New Jim Crow                       by Michelle Alexander

Racism, Anti Racism and You    by Ibram X Kendi  and Jason Reynolds

10. Join a Black Lives Matter protest. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have come in contact with someone that has Covid-19 STAY HOME. Spread the word online about protests instead and/or call your local lawmakers and demand they DEFUND THE POLICE.

Find Black Lives Matter protests here–>  https://rallylist.com/?s=black+lives+matter&submit=Search

Find your local lawmakers here–>  https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative#:~:text=If%20you%20know%20who%20your,the%20U.S.%20House%20switchboard%20operator.



11. Read this article that offers 6 concrete ways on how you can take action on climate change. Start small so you are not overwhelmed and pick the one that is easiest for you and go from there.


12. Many of us have heard of a carbon footprint but did you know that humans also leave a DIGITAL carbon footprint? Although it is very difficult at the moment to quantify our energy consumption from digital devices due to lack of data, our online lives are having a significant effect on climate change according to studies conducted by The Borderstep Institute. The biggest culprits of this are video streaming and using your cellphone as your primary source of the internet. Try to reduce your use of both as much as possible and if you are in Europe research Fairphone, a sustainable smart phone company that cares for people AND the environment.



13. If you would like to buy a dog or a cat DO NOT purchase from a breeder. Go to a local shelter instead.

14. Foster or adopt a senior dog/cat! They are often dumped at kill shelters when owners don’t want to care for them as they age and develop aging related maladies that can be time consuming and expensive. Our pets love us unconditionally and show us unwavering loyalty they deserve the same from us.

15. Do not wear leather or fur unless it is second-hand.

16. Support vegan businesses. You do not have to be fully vegan to eat a vegan meal once a day or once a week. Being vegan is very hard for many people as it takes time to transition in a healthy way. Some people may have eating disorders that are triggered by any slight change in diet. If you find it to difficult or compromising to your physical/mental health to make such a dramatic change so quickly, supporting vegan businesses by purchasing food from them, promoting them and buying their merch is a great way to help the vegan movement grow.

17. Sign these petitions to end China’s dog meat festival.



18. Donate  a “kuranda bed” to your local animal shelter.


19. Share “spay and neutering” resources online.



The three evils listed above are among the many reasons why any sane person would leave a country as breathtakingly beautiful as Honduras. According to official government figures 3,996 homicides were recorded in 2019. Transgender people are treated as if they aren’t human. Misogyny and femicide ARE THE NORM. Hard working people hand over significant portions of their meager wages/possessions to gang members or face brutally violent repercussions that often end in homicide.  The country’s various indigenous groups and other ethnic groups are often locked in land disputes with drug traffickers, the tourism industry and the like who subject them to violent kidnappings and murder. Those who are lucky to make it to the United States risk being locked up like animals in small overcrowded “detention centers” to live in conditions that deprive them of their most basic human rights. The human rights groups I mention below are all working hard to help Honduran immigrants in need as well as immigrants from around the world that face similar circumstances.

20. Donate to Border Angels. They are a non profit group founded in 1986. Every week they send volunteers in t  the dessert to drop off water for migrants crossing the US MExico border by foot. They also lead “caravans of love” to migrant shelters, run a day labor outreach program agreen card for kids program, a shelter program, a bond program to reunite families that have been separated by our broken immigration system and so much more.


21. Donate to Immigrant Defenders Law Center. They  are a non profit organization that provides legal counsel for immigrant communities against systemic injustices in the legal system.

22. Sign this petition that demands ICE detainees stop being sprayed with a very toxic and very dangerous germicidal detergent called HDQ Neutral 100.


23. Sign this petition that demands New York and New Jersey release all detainees from ICE detention centers and effectively shut them down.


24. Make a women’s comfort kit and mail it to this address.

Minority Humanitarian Foundation

1618 San Miguel Ave

Spring Valley, California


It was provided by @guerojusticiero who works closely with the Minority Humanitarian Foundation to reunite immigrant families as well as provide immigrants with precious life saving resources. See image below to see what you can add to the kit.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 2.00.39 PM - Edited


According to antislavery.org, human trafficking is described as the process of trapping people through the use of violence, deception or coercion and exploiting them for financial or personal gain”.

25. Watch this documentary by The Guardian that details how human traffickers prey on incarcerated women in order to force them in to a life of addiction and prostitution once they are released.


26. If you believe you may have witnessed human trafficking report it! This link explains how you can do that. It also gives options on how to report anonymously.


27. Knowledge is POWER. Arm yourself with information. Sign up to receive google alerts on the most recent human trafficking news.

28. Be mindful about who you give your money to. Many goods we produce were produced by forced or child labor. Here is a list from the US Department of Labor of goods that have been produced by modern slaves. Avoid them at all costs.


29. Zephi Trevino, a 16 year old Latina victim of human trafficking is being charged for the murder of a john by the hands of her trafficker. This young woman has suffered enough and for no good reason. She deserves to be free and have normal teenage experiences. Please sign the petition demanding justice and donate to her legal defense fund.


Zephaniah Trevino’s Defense Fund

If you have made it this far thank you for reading! If you have anything to add to the list please share your two cents in the comments section. I want to keep adding to the list.


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Vegan Recipe: Cannabis and Chocolate Vegan Milkshake



Moon Edibles Rocket Fudge Chocolate Bar

This is a recipe for people who have both a sweet tooth and a passion for cannabis. The recipe revolves around the  cannabis infused dark chocolate bar from Moon edibles. (Side note, not all of Moon’s products are vegan so make sure you purchase the  Rocket Fudge Chocolate Bar if you try this recipe.)  It is super flavorful and the strength of the THC does not vary from batch to batch. I can attest to this myself  I  used to buy these all the time and unlike edibles from other brands the effects (per milligram amount) were consistent batch to batch.

Vegan Recipe Cannabis and Chocolate Vegan Milkshake

This recipe is quick, easy and the potency can be easily adjusted to your preference because the chocolate bar already comes with little markers where you can break off 10 mg of THC at a time. The entire bar contains  no more than 100 mg of THC which is the legal limit for an edible in California.

The recipe calls for 30 mg of THC (per serving. and if you are a regular consumer of THC infused edibles than this will give you a slight buzz. If you rarely consume edibles I suggest lowering the amount of THC to 10 mg (per serving).

Vegan Recipe


Cannabis and Chocolate Vegan Milkshake (Serves 2) 



2 Scoops of Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

4 C Chilled Cashew Milk

1/2 Scoop of Hemp Protein

6 10 mg pieces of Moon Edibles Rocket Fudge Chocolate Bar

3 Ice Cubes (Optional)

Vegan Cannabis Edible Moon Edibles Rocket Fudge Chocolate Bar



Chill the cashew milk overnight or at least for an hour before preparation.

Do the same with the chocolate bar it will grate better.

If you have a box cheese grater use the side with the tiny prickly holes to grate the chocolate in to fine flakes. Lightly brushing the chocolate against the grater will yield the best results. Some pieces of chocolate will stick to the grater but all you need to do is lightly bang the grater on the surface you are using and they will come loose. Save 1 T of chocolate flakes for garnish and add the rest of the flakes to the blender.

If you do not have a cheese grater a vegetable peeler or a knife will also work. The size of the flakes will be a bit bigger (more like curls) but they will still work for this recipe. Keep in mind however that the finer the chocolate flakes are the more evenly the THC will mix in with the other ingredients.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender. Blend on high until the consistency is to your liking.

Cannabis and Chocolate Vegan Milkshake

OPTIONAL – Add ice! I normally add three ice cubes once I’m done blending and put the blender on high for a minute. I like my sweet drinks (even milkshakes) slightly watered down as I drink them so that is why I added the ice.


If you like your milkshakes smooth, take the ice cream out of the freezer until it softens to the point it can be easily scooped but retains some of its firmness.

If any of you try this recipe please share your experience in the comments section or reach out via social media.

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Click here to check out Moon Edibles online.

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SUSTAINABLE FASHION: My Favorite Leopard Print Coat and Capsule Wardrobes

sustainable fashion 02

I have owned a handful of leopard print coats and jackets over the years but this one is my favorite. First of all it was deeply discounted at the thrift store, it is second hand which is much easier on the environment than buying new clothes, it’s double breasted, it’s lightweight for crisp but not super cold days and loose fitting almost like a duster coat so you can easily and comfortably layer sweaters or other jackets underneath during colder days without making your silhouette look sloppy.


Incorporating versatile pieces in to my wardrobe is a common theme on this blog because in my mind versatility represents an important component of sustainable fashion that is often overlooked.  This jacket is not only versatile in the sense that it can be worn in different types of weather but it can be dressed up or down easily. It’s loose structure effortlessly pulls together any casual outfit and the leopard print compliments a dress in any color for dressier settings.

sustainable fashion capsule wardrobes

sustainable fashion my favorite leopard print coat

Thankfully not all devotees of sustainable fashion overlook the importance of versatility and the number of brands that are beginning to making it an indispensable element of the design process has been steadily growing over the last 3-5 years.

sustainable fashion building a capsule wardrobe.jpg


capsule wardrobe sustainable fashion.jpg

The best expression of brands embracing versatility is the capsule wardrobe. Putting together a capsule wardrobe simply means building a wardrobe of timeless staples supplemented by seasonal pieces that if designed well and taken care of properly may be potentiality worn for decades. Minimalists are huge proponents of the capsule wardrobe and because the minimalist lifestyle is based on consuming less, which consequently results in less waste, minimalist principles are a must for anyone looking to lessen the amount of waste their passion for fashion (or anything else for that matter) creates.

sustainable fashion 06


sustainable fashion 04

These photos were taken different days, the one of me skateboarding was taken in San Francisco few years back and the rest of them were taken last month in Southern California. All of the clothes and accessories I’m wearing in them are second hand except for the skate shoes and pearl necklace which were gifts.

At the end of the post I linked a couple of sustainable brands that have created beautiful capsule collections recently. If you prefer to buy mostly second hand (and save a substantial amount of your hard earned dough) I linked to a YouTube video that has some very practical tips by Alli Cherry on how she built and maintains her own capsule wardrobe and some of her thoughts on fast fashion and shopping second hand.

sustainable fashion second hand


sustainable fashion 03


sustainable fashion 0


sustainable fashion 1

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Brands that offer sustainable capsule collections:







Alli Cherry’s You Tube video on Capsule Wardrobes and Thrifting