5 Reasons You Should Eat Cucumber Everyday

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Since childhood I have always loved cucumbers but lately I have been obsessed with them. I try to incorporate them in to my breakfast almost everyday and try to carry them around as a snack when I go skateboarding or am going to be away from home for more than a couple of hours. Here is a list I put together of  5 reasons you should eat cucumber everyday.


Cucumbers contain a pretty impressive assortment of minerals and vitamins. One mineral in particular, silica is important for the health and strength of your bones. Dr. Susan E. Brown PhD is a medical anthropologist and nutritionist that recently posted an interesting article (which I’ll link to at the end of the post) on http://www.betterbones.com that stated that non-western populations with higher silica intake have lower incidences of hip fractures.



Raw cucumbers facilitate digestion. According to http://www.berkeleywellnes.com, cucumbers are 96% water.  Sufficient  water intake is integral in order for the  digestive system to function properly. If you eat the cucumbers with peels on them then you are also increasing your intake of fiber, another essential part of proper digestion.


Since cucumbers are 96% water, snacking on them during the day is  great way to add more water consumption to your daily routine.



Fetisin is a flavonol found in cucumbers. Studies on mice have shown that fisetin, which was fed to mice that have Alzheimer’s, helped to prevent impairments in memory and learning. I am not a scientist so I can not tell you if this phenomenon translates exactly the same to the human brain but it is definitely worth trying as other studies with mice have often shown a correlation.


A whole cucumber (raw) has only 6 grams of sodium. A diet high in sodium is a leading contributor to hypertension or high blood pressure. Whenever you are in  the mood for your favorite salty snack I recommend substituting it with cucumber instead. As mentioned before cucumbers are very filling, unlike most non vegan snacks that are heavily marketed by the mass media. Try squirting a little bit of lemon or lime on some cucumber slices and a dash of hot sauce if your palette wants something fancier. If you are not ready to completely give up your salty delights try just eating half of what you would normally consume and slice up half a cucumber to substitute the other half. Sometimes healthy habits are difficult to keep up if you don’t ease in to them, but everyone is different so if you want to do the whole substitution have at it.

cucumber health benefits

5 reasons to eat cucumber everyday

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Click here to read Dr. Brown’s article on silica and bone health.


OOTD: Sleeveless Dress and Bumper Bangs

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Versatility is a constant theme on many of my outfit posts. I love dresses that can be worn in an office setting, at the beach, at a wedding what have you. I also love colors that I can easily incorporate in to my wardrobe. This orange and taupe Amber Sun fit and flare dress is one of the most versatile garments I own.  I have worn it to the office with a taupe cardigan and nude pointy toe heels. I have also worn it with cream colored knee high socks and sneakers. In these photos  I paired it with my favorite pair of vans, vintage style wingtip sneakers that match with everything!  I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it at the second hand store. The unique print and box pleats immediately caught my eye.


bumper bangs.jpg

I am also a huge fan of dresses that are snug at the bodice and flare out at the waist or a little bit below the wast. When a dress has a snug bodice I eschew societal norms and go without a bra because it provides ample support. If you are like me and have double d bosoms (or bigger) , I recommend heading to your local second hand store or op shop (for non-Americans) and investing in a dress like this. Be sure to try it on and do not buy it unless it fits just right! Sit down in it, bend over in it and walk back and forth. Wearing a bra can be so uncomfortable and also adds to your laundry pile, so owning a couple dresses in this style will be a welcome convenience especially if you hand wash your bras.

What I love about the flare is comfort yet again. I read somewhere that the  average woman’s weight fluctuates between 5-10 pounds (that’s a little over half a stone) in a span of several days. A dress that flares out at the waist like this comes in handy when your weight is a little higher than it normally is. Or when PMS is in full effect!


how to bumper bangs


vans wingtips vintage style.jpg


vintage hairstyle bumper bangs

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Cannabis Culture: 420 Friendly Events in Los Angeles

Cannabis Events Los Angeles

Savannah: Yogi and creator of Cannabis Art Flow

This week I have been doing some online research on cannabis related  or “420” friendly events in Los Angeles and I came across a few that I thought were worth sharing. It is also interesting to note that the three major events mentioned here are all led by women.



Puff & Paint Class (Presented by Cannabis Art Flow) 8/31/2018

Of all of the events I researched, Cannabis Art Flow is the one I found most intriguing. In addition to putting together a FREE  mini festival every few months that showcases vegan food vendors, artists, musicians, sustainable fashion, jewelry, a yoga class, tarot card readers and more, they also recently organized a beach clean up and even have a puff and paint class they are offering where entrance fee also covers supplies and a free edible.

Two of the most notable vendors that participated in the last Cannabis Art Flow showcase are Xochitl Vegan  and High ‘N Ti Artisanal Pipes.

Xochitl Vegan is known for making mouth watering vegan mexican cuisine whose flavors are inspired by their *Nahuatl roots. The hibiscus flower has been used for centuries for its delicious flavor and medicinal properties by  Nahuatl people and their descendants. The culinary geniuses from Xochitl Vegan use hibiscus flowers as “meat”, a unique alternative to the traditional meat substitutes of jack-fruit and tofu.  Xochitl Vegan does not serve their food at a restaurant, instead they do pop ups all around Southern California so make sure to follow them on Instagram to see where they will be traveling to next.

authentic vegan mexican food

Hibiscus flower “meat” and  nopales being grilled to perfection at a recent Xochitl Vegan pop up. 

High ‘N Ti is a family owned business that designs and produces high quality pipes and other smoking products made out of titanium. Personally, I feel that this method for smoking marijuana is a great sustainable alternative to glass pipes, bongs, blunts and other wraps. Titanium is virtually unbreakable so your carbon footprint will be reduced as you will not have to constantly replace smoking paraphernalia and your pocket book will catch a break in the process.

cannabis culture titanium weed pipe

Photo courtesy of High ‘N Ti Instagam. 

If you are have art, jewelry, food or tarot readings to sell, Cannabis Art Flow is looking for vendors and you can apply to be one  by clicking here.


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Another lovely photo of Savannah, creator of Cannabis Art Flow. Here she is shown enjoying the healing and spiritual benefits of cannabis and yoga. Just looking at this photo makes you feel more relaxed.

If you are unable to make it out to the puff paint pass class that Cannabis Art Flow is hosting and don’t want to wait for the next one they are having click here for a directory to Paint, Puff, Pass classes put on by other organizations throughout California and similar classes in other 420 friendly states. Click here for a calendar for Los Angeles only.

MARIJUANA MADNESS: The True Story of Marijuana Prohibition in the Jazz Era  8/22/2018

Cannabis Culture burlesque 420 Friendly Event

Burlesque, weed and education all under one roof? That is the type of awesomeness Marijuana Madness has to offer.  Miss Marquez, (pictured above) the artistic director of the show, and company will tell the story of how marijuana usage became criminalized in The United States through the timeless and titillating art form that is burlesque. Get your tickets by clicking here. To attend this event you must be a member of Grassfed LA. Details in link. Marijuana consumption is allowed at a designated time and areas for guests over 21 years old.

Breath Work Cannabis Tea Ceremony EVERY THURSDAY

420 friendly events los angeles california 2018

BOL Meditation seeks to create a safe space for you to reconnect with your true self through mediation and the consumption of Cannabis. Like the other events mentioned  in this post this one is also led by a woman, Manuela Schoepfer. The group meets in a secret space decorated with a vintage feel that has a view of the sky. The price is $23.00 and  you can inquire about it and some of their other events by clicking here.

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Here are the links to the Instagram accounts & websites of the organizations/businesses and people mentioned in this post.

Cannabis Art Flow 

Savannah Yogi

Xochitl Vegan

High ‘N Ti Artisanal Pipes

Miss Marquez on Instagram

Miss Marquez’s website

BOL Meditation

Manuela Schoepfer


*Nahuatl: Peoples native to Mexico and Central America. It can also refer to the Pre- Colombian native language (s) of the Nahuatl people.