OOTD: Nasty Gal Mesh Shirt and Vegan Leather Skater Skirt

how to style a mesh shirt 1

Today’s OOTD is a throwback from  2013. A friend snapped these pics of my outfit super quickly on an evening out. I regret not getting a closer shot of the shoes. They have cute brass studs on the back.


Mesh Shirt: Nasty Gal Get a similar ones from Etsy here)

Windbreaker: Bought it at Virgin Records many many years ago.

Skirt: Got it at May Max a discount fast fashion retail chain in the San Fernando Valley

Sunglasses: I believe they are also May Max.

Bag: Vintage Dooney and Burke

Shoes: Goodwill



how to style a mesh shirt


vegan leather skater skirt how to style a mesh shirt


nasty gal long sleeve mesh shirt vegan leather skater skirt how to style a mesh shirt


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Vegan Food Review: Vegatinos Vegan Tacos Al Pastor

Vegatinos vegan food vegan food in los angeles.jpg

photo via @wandxrvegan (IG) 

vegatinos -1

Southern California is home to a multitude of taco stands. What makes Vegatinos unique is their commitment to fresh authentic flavor, a 100% based vegan menu AND they offer an incentive for Eco-conscious customers in the form of a 10%  discount when you bring your own food container.

These customers happily seized on the opportunity to take the eatery up on this win-win offer.


photo via @vegatinos (IG)


photo via @vegatinos (IG)


photo via @vegatinos (IG)

Mmmmm….vegan flan.


photo via @vegatinos (IG)

Vegans in their natural habitat.

veganitos los angeles vegan tacos.jpg

vegatinos los angeles vegan restaurants .jpg

Delicious and reasonably priced plant based menu.

vegatinos los angeles vegan restaurant


So far I have been there several times but only tried the Tacos Al Pastor.

veganitos where to get vegan tacos in los angeles vegan restaurant.jpg

They really nailed the texture here. Biting in to one of these is wickedly satisfying. The flavor  is just as good,  they marinate these in a mouth watering adobo pineapple sauce.

veganitos vegan food vegan tacos.jpg


I love all of the different salsas they have to offer. My favorite is this bright orangey-red one. It has a smoky type aftertaste and is SUPER spicy.


vegatinos vegan food in los angeles.jpg

The salsa bar.

vegaitos best vegan restaurants in los angeles.jpg


veganitos where to get vegan tacos (1).png

where to get vegan tacos in los angeles veganitos

vegan tacos in los angeles vegan food vegatinos.jpg

If you would like to try Veganitos this weekend catch up with them tomorrow in Sylmar at  

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural 

13197 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA 91342

They will be set up between 5pm-9pm.

On Sunday they will be st up between 12pm-5pm in Ontario at

Mercado Vegano

1133 W. 6th Street, Ontario, CA 91762

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(All photos taken by me unless other wise indicated.)





TUK Vegan Saddle Shoes

saddle shoes retro fashion

photo via photobucket user jcangiano

saddle shoes advertisement


As a vegan it can be challenging to indulge my vintage fashion obsession without going against some of my beliefs.  I also make an effort to be a conscious shopper  and avoid buying most things new because of the way people in underdeveloped countries are exploited to make these products and also because of the destructive environmental impact that the manufacturing of these goods can wreak on Mother Earth.

There is currently a growing number of businesses worldwide that are offering products that have been made by people being paid fair wages, are gentle on the environment AND are vegan. However my fashion tastes are so specific that it is tough to find clothes or shoes that fit my style. Don’t get me wrong, I have found some awesome products and have even recommended some of them  on this blog (to read more about these items click here) but overall I buy second hand clothing, shoes and accessories.

Recently I found these awesome TUK saddle shoes at a Goodwill. I have been resisting for years buying saddle shoes from Payless. They are a much sleeker style than these TUK ones  and way more authenentic to the vintage style, but I  decided to wait it out and see if I could find  pair second hand or manufactured by  a sustainable brand rather than hand out my hard earned dough to a soulless corporation. I felt quite lucky finding these as this particular style has been discontinued for some time now. The icing on the cake is that that they are vegan, even though *I do wear leather and fur (ONLY second hand) I try to buy mostly vegan items.

saddle shoes

photo via Gumtree

vegan saddle shoes TUK vegan shoes

photo via Gumtree

One of the coolest things about saddle shoes is that they match almost anything you wear, color wise and style wise. I wore mine with this gray paisley print dress last Saturday.

how to dress like a pin up girl 1

These ladies dressed their saddle shoes up with skirts and demure frocks.

2 saddle shoes.jpg

photo via flickr

how to dress vintage saddle shoes

photo via flickr

These women opted for more casual attire.

saddle shoes 1

photo via creative anchor

asian pin up girls saddle shoes

photo via picssr

saddle shoes vintage fashion

photo via Getty Images

retro fashion saddle shoes

photo via picssr

vintage sryle vintage mode

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